Coinbase’s rival Kraken may be published directly via the list

Jesse Powell, CEO of Cryptocurrency Exchange Kraken, took a photo at the company’s San Francisco office in 2014.

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Cryptocurrency exchange Kraken is considering listing directly in 2022 after confirming record trading volumes and new clients amid soaring prices. Bitcoin..

Founded in 2011, Kraken is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. According to the company, it has more than 6 million customers and is the fourth largest exchange in terms of trading volume. CoinMarketCap data..

In an interview, Kraken CEO and co-founder Jesse Powell said the company has benefited significantly from the Bitcoin rally. Bitcoin Guess Record high price With over $ 60,000 in mid-March, traders entered the market due to the movement of institutional investors.

“For us, all the volatility is good, but whenever it’s rising, it’s good,” Powell told CNBC. “The first quarter completely blew up the whole of last year. By the end of February it was above last year’s numbers. The whole market has just really exploded.”

Kraken confirmed in the first quarter of this year that four times more new users signed up for the platform than in the second half of 2020. Spot trading volume in the first quarter reached a record level of $ 160 billion, 1.5 times that of last year.

Coinbase list

Kraken’s major US rival, Coinbase, Record quarterly earnings First-quarter $ 1.8 billion was above 2020 overall revenue. Will be released Next week’s blockbuster direct listing is worth $ 100 billion.

Kraken is also considering making its debut in the equity market in 2022, Powell said.

“We are considering making it available within the next year,” he said. “Like Coinbase, it’s probably a direct list.”

Direct listing (listing a company without issuing a new stock) has become a popular route among valuable tech companies seeking to go public as an alternative to an initial public offering. IPO Many years of criticism High-tech investors have resulted in issuers sometimes leaving piles of cash on the table due to incorrect stock prices.

Kraken is currently discussing a new funding round with investors. Reportedly Worth $ 20 billion.

“We’re having some discussions to do another round,” Powell said. “I’m a little late to see where Coinbase’s valuations are coming. I think the price will be much higher than in previous deals.”

“We’re not in a hurry to raise capital,” he added, adding that the company’s balance sheet is strong. “The only reason we do that is to attract more strategic investors to help us grow and grow geographically.”

NFT boom

Powell said the rise NFT, Or irreplaceable tokens, have led to enthusiastic interest in alternative digital coins such as ether. NFTs are a type of digital asset that represents ownership of unique collector’s items and have skyrocketed in popularity this year.

Ethereum, the digital currency of the Ethereum blockchain, The best fresh notch ever Worth more than $ 2,100 on Tuesday, it helped raise the market value of all cryptocurrencies to more than $ 2 trillion for the first time.

“Ethereum is a big part of this,” Powell said. “Many NFTs are written on Ethereum. Many of these platforms work on Ethereum.”

Clayken’s boss added that people are also looking at other digital currencies such as flows and filecoins as Ethereum transaction fees soar due to the level of congestion in the Ethereum network.Ethereum Ambitious upgrade It aims to be faster and safer.

Coinbase’s rival Kraken may be published directly via the list

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