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Omaha, Nebraska 2021-04-20 12:58:49 –

Omaha, Nebraska (KMTV) — No doubt you haven’t caught a cold when you’re out. Changes in temperature raise questions: do you plant your garden or do you wait?

In spring, the cold and the heat mix, so when it’s the right time to make your first dig, you can be bullied.

Owner of Scott Farrington Indian creek nursery Saddle Creek states that tulips and shrubs are fine when the temperature is low.

Farrington added that once the temperature reached 34 or 35 degrees Celsius, it was time to consider finding a safe place for other plants.

“If they plant soft things outdoors, it would be nice to cover them at these temperatures we have, and it’s better to use clothes instead of plastic, so old plastic pieces from the garage Older seats are better than using. “Farington said.

He said it’s okay to keep the plants small for those who are waiting a little longer to move them outdoors. To do this, limit the water in the plant and keep it in a small pot.

According to Farrington, more people are buying locally during the pandemic. He wants this summer to be as business strong as last summer.

For more information, it may be helpful for the gardener to call the extension office of the local university.

University of Nebraska Extension
(402) 472-2966

Douglas-Sarpy County Expansion
phone:(402) 444-7804

Iowa State University Extension
Questions about lawns and gardens / insects
(515) 294-3108

West Pottawattamie County Expansion Bureau / westpottawattamie
(712) 366-7070

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Cold streak causes concern about spring gardens Source link Cold streak causes concern about spring gardens

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