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COLD Thanksgiving morning with a sunny and chilly afternoon! – Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado Springs, Colorado 2021-11-25 06:18:18 –

Today’s weather forecast:

Everyone Happy Thanksgiving!

Today’s weather is very cold in the morning, with temperatures in the teens and twenties starting the day. The snow from Wednesday is gone and it stays dry all day today.

Sunlight and weak winds will bring temperatures back to those in their 40s and 50s this afternoon, so be sure to dress for the fall weather when you go out for Thanksgiving dinner.

Colorado Springs: High: 48; Low: 26. It is very cold in the morning and there are several snow-covered side streets on the north and west sides of the town. Sunny skies and weak winds continue until the afternoon, from the high pressures of the 1940s to the middle of the afternoon.

PUEBLO: High: 53; Low: 18. This morning it is very cold and dry, with a dry sky that lasts until the afternoon. It gets warmer today, with sunshine and highs in the late 50s.

Canon City: high: 52; Low: 27. It’s mostly sunny today, cold in the morning and chilly in the afternoon. The wind is weak and it stays dry all day today.

Woodland Park: high: 44; Low: 24. It’s very cold in the morning and still quite chilly in the afternoon! It’s sunny and dry all day today.

Try Lake: high: Forties; Low: 20’s. It’s almost sunny and dry today, with snow melting on the lawn and patio furniture. The I-25’s excellent driving conditions over Monument Hill keep it chilly in the afternoon.

Hirano: high: 50s; Low: 20’s. Cold in the morning, clear skies, weak winds, and warm afternoons! Temperatures usually warm up to the mid-50s during the day, and very cold air returns tonight.

Walsenberg / Trinidad: high: 50s; Low: 20’s. It’s dry and a little refreshing today, and the afternoon is almost sunny.

Mountain: High: Forties; Low: 20’s. Very cold air dries over the mountains in the morning, and on Wednesday nights from the snow through some smooth mountain paths and passes. All roads should thaw and melt by the morning in strong sunlight.

Expanded outlook:
The best weather forecasts from Friday to weekends!

Fridays are warm with sunshine and generally weak winds. A cold front passes through the plains on Saturday morning, pushing temperatures back east along I-25 to the 1950s.

From Monday to Tuesday next week, from Sunday to the 1960s, it will be warmer with warmer air.

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COLD Thanksgiving morning with a sunny and chilly afternoon! Source link COLD Thanksgiving morning with a sunny and chilly afternoon!

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