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Cold Tuesday morning lows and chilly daytime highs – Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado Springs, Colorado 2021-09-20 20:05:28 –

Tonight’s weather forecast:
Early Tuesday mornings, large valleys of cyclones continue to affect the state of Centennial, which can lead to several rains and very high altitude showers. The most likely low rainfall is in the Palmer Divide, the Pikes Peak region, and the southeastern plains. It will be cold tonight as the cold, dense air is filtered behind the storm. A wide range of people in their 30s and 40s are expected, and in the Takayama Valley, about 20s are expected. Freezing warnings were issued in the San Luis Valley during the night and morning hours. Forecasts show that sub-zero temperatures can last for hours, which can damage crops and other sensitive vegetation, or even kill them altogether.

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Early Tuesday morning freeze warning in San Luis Valley

Colorado Springs: Low: 40; high: 64. It is chilly in the morning and some clouds remain in the Pikes Peak area. When the highs warm up in the mid-1960s, the afternoons are followed by highs like sunlight and autumn.

Pueblo: Low: 43; high: 70. Tuesday’s daytime highs are more than 10 degrees below the average for this time of year, only warming to nearly 70 degrees.

Canon City: Low: 44; high: 68. On Tuesday, with the first true taste of autumn-like weather in Fremont County, further cooling is expected.

Woodland Park: Low: 32; high: 59. We were able to see the first freeze of the season early Tuesday morning, but no fatal freeze is expected as temperatures are not expected to stay below freezing for long periods of time. High prices can be chilly, so don’t forget your jacket when heading outdoors.

Try Lake: Low: 30s; high: 50’s / 60’s. The clear sky gives way on a cold Tuesday morning. The highs will be milder in the late 50’s and late 60’s, but it should still be quite pleasant with plenty of afternoon sunshine.

Hirano: Low: 40s / 50s; high: 60’s / 70’s. Morning drizzle and gray sky opportunities in the southeastern plains give way to mild sunshine and comfortable daytime temperatures by the afternoon.

Walsenberg / Trinidad: Low: 30 seconds / 40 seconds; high: 50’s / 60’s. In the I-25 Corridor in southern Colorado, the slightest possibility of drizzle in the morning turns into an almost sunny, cool, and comfortable afternoon.

Mountain: Low: 20 seconds / 30 seconds; high: 40s / 50s. A little dampness remains on the mountain and snow can be scattered very early on Tuesday. When the maximum temperature rises in the 1940s and 1950s, the sunshine returns during the day.

Expanded outlook:
We anticipate another cold night on Tuesday before the highs return on Wednesday, and warm and dry weather will return to southern Colorado again. The highest temperature on Wednesday is 10 to 15 degrees warmer than Tuesday. Wednesday is also the first day of autumn. Temperatures remain in the 70’s and 80’s throughout the rest of the week and weekends, and this weekend can be lower in the 90’s in the eastern plains and downstream of the Arkansas River Valley.

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Cold Tuesday morning lows and chilly daytime highs Source link Cold Tuesday morning lows and chilly daytime highs

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