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Previous NFL quarterback Colin KaepernickKneeling during a pre-match performance of the national anthem to protest the murder by black police and losing his playing career, will publish a memoir for a young adult audience released Wednesday.

According to publisher Scholastic, the book Colin Kaepernick: Changing the Game focuses on football, even though former quarterbacks have been pressured by their parents and coaches to play baseball. He talks about his high school days when he chose to do that. news release.

Academic He described the book as “a memoir of a young adult graphic novel” and promised to explore “a young changemaker found himself, walked his way, and learned to never compromise.” The release date is scheduled for March 7.

Colin Kaepernick: Change the game. Photo: Kaepernick Publishing / Scholastic

At the age of 26, in his second season at the NFL outside Nevada, Capernick introduced the San Francisco 49ers to the Super Bowl at the end of the 2012 season. The signal sender helped the 49ers return to the conference championship game next season before they missed the playoffs next season.

During his final season in both the San Francisco and the NFL, Capernick knelt during the national anthem and began protesting common racist fraud, including the killing of a disproportionate number of blacks by police officers. rice field.

He and former teammate Eric Reed later filed a complaint against the NFL accusing the league of conspiracy. The pair claimed he was blacklisted for protest after being criticized by several districts, including then-President Donald Trump. Female dog”.

Kaepernick received a financial settlement from the NFL in 2019, and the agreement reportedly brought the pair to less than $ 10 million.

Kaepernick has been his Know your rights camp, An organization that explains its mission as promoting the “liberation of blacks and browns.” Earlier this year, the group announced that it would offer a free secondary autopsy to families of people whose death was “police-related.”

In 2019, Kaepernick also set up a publisher focused on “amplifying diverse opinions and voices.” Kaepernick Publishing, in collaboration with Scholastic, has released I Color Myself Different, a 49ers star children’s biography on the New York Times and USA Today’s best-selling list.

Kaepernick Publishing is once again backing Scholastic’s Change the Game.

In a statement, 34-year-old Capernick said the publisher was “excited to keep growing,” talking about “trials and victories” in adolescence.

“At this time, I unknowingly began to grow into my own identity, my own senses,” said Capernick’s statement. “I hope this graphic novel encourages readers to develop their own evolution and trust in the power to change the game.”

Kaepernick’s story has also influenced many other media projects, from shows on Netflix (black and white Colin) to theater. MorenoThis dramatically represents the impact of Capernick’s activities on the football team that Chicano has returned to.

Colin Kaepernick publishes memoirs for young adults | US News

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