College football is still America’s largest MLM | ​​College football

NSAbout 30 minutes of episode 2 of the Amazon original series LuLaRich – – NS The latest additions to the ever-growing catalog documentary When Release Explore a strange and compelling world of MLM, albeit ethically questionable. Viewers finally get a clue to the uncertain logic at the heart of this most American business model. In the world of MLM, success has little to do with selling products (in this case colorful leggings manufactured by a California-based company called LuLaRoe), and everything has to do with promised sales. By design, it should be almost unmanageable.

“There has always been a great impetus for hiring, hiring, and hiring.” Related to Courtney Harwood, One of the few amiable ex-LuLaRoe retailers that offers the heart of the story of the series, showing a distinctive focus on MLM to involve new members rather than simply selling products to third parties. I am. “Buy, buy, buy. Recruit, Recruit, Recruit,” she adds.

What makes LuLaRich and other MLM-based content so appealing to viewers is that Harwood’s references are too often an illusion. Graham and Crazy Eddie, the magician of household appliances in the 1970s. After all, it’s good TV to watch the scams at the heart of the whole enterprise slowly unravel.

In any case, what we learn along the way is usually a variation of the theme. The wealth and fame promised to everyone who signs on to a MLM company is enjoyed only by the little elite executives, and their continued success nevertheless continues to pursue their dreams. Depends on the army of. They underpin the system and generate the wealth that top people enjoy.

“Looking at MLM, we can see that more than half of all money is in the top 1%.” MLM expert Robert Fitzpatrick Intervene as if most of the interviewees were looking directly at the camera. “More than 80% have no one under them. They have to lose. Therefore, the structure itself ruins the majority.”

If any of this sounds familiar-a system set up to favor a small elite class, a supernaturally bright crackpot leader who speaks with self-help clichés, exploitative labor practices … recruitment-you’re college You may be a football fan.

For everyone’s benefit, half of the teams participating in the NCAA Football Bowl Subdivision are worth yelling out that they have no chance of winning the competition they are competing with. This is a bit unprofessional. If you say you don’t have a chance, it’s likely that you won’t have access to the playoffs to win the championship, regardless of your performance on the field.

Really, it’s a simple arithmetic problem. Only four of the 130 teams competing at the FBS level are selected to participate in the College Football Playoff, and the decision as to who deserves those coveted spots is the only 13 to act as mediators. It is entrusted to the panel of members of. So, unlike basketball opponents, where winning a conference tournament is an automatic bid, the selection committee discusses which of the two or three mediocre teams deserves the end of 36 large spots. We are analyzing the relative strengths and weaknesses of. You have won all or all but one of their games. It’s an incredibly fine margin, and as a result, schools of what are known as “Power Five” conferences (SEC, Big Ten, ACC, Big 12, and Pac-12) are overwhelming, especially in large schools. Enjoying a typical advantage. Cultural and economic capital stores such as Alabama, Ohio State University and Notre Dame University.

During my many years dealing with college football, this rather mediocre tacit truth about the underlying competitive structure did not fail to surprise me. The active participation of teams in competition is amazing and unique in both American and global sports. The framework maximizes its level to deny the chance to win whatever you do. This includes ending the season undefeated.

It’s been a perfect record since the turn of the century, but the list of schools frozen from what was dominated by half-playoffs and championship finales at the time is long and could be long by the end of the season. .. Utah in 2004 When 2008, 2006 Boysi When 2009, 2010 TCU When 2017 Central Florida Everything ended the season with perfect records, but couldn’t get closer to a shot in a national title than a trip to a more lucrative, but ultimately meaningless bowl game. Competitiveness equivalent to tapping the head.

They were certainly celebrated as well by fans and the media, but getting a seat at the high table of college football was the longest of the long shots because they welcomed from outside the aforementioned Power Five. .. As with LuLaRoe and other MLM schemes, this exciting proximity to success ultimately reveals fraud.

The most prominent of the ambitious outsiders of the season is the American Athletic Conference in the form of the University of Cincinnati.Barecats soon Enter the big 12Power Five Perch, an undefeated record approaches to guarantee a spot in the playoffs. But for now, they continue to be members of college football proletariat and are intended to be just the heart of the factory.

If fans forgot this, they received a rude reminder on November 2nd, when the first College Football Playoff Rankings were released. Cincinnati is in 6th place, Watching the playoffs of the four teams on the outside.despite this 8-0 record, Ranked 2nd in both AP and coach votes When Road wins, undefeated Notre Dame..

But three weeks later, things are improving. (Ironically) with a little help from the University of Utah, Bearcats are aiming to be the first non-power five school to make the playoffs by ranking in the top four, but their position is poorly secured. Of course, you could lose one of the remaining two games, but nevertheless, the odds with non-noble college football games are always high. There seems to be no doubt that the Commission will break Bearcat’s heart if the opportunity arises.

No matter what happens, it is clear that the problem here is not effort. In addition to its field success, Cincinnati has been enthusiastic about the university’s athletics race. A stunning amount of stadium renovation When Coach salary.. According to one report, everything the athletic club needs is $ 250 million subsidy From the financial resources of the university for the past 10 years or more.

This is to participate in a competition that guarantees nothing to them, even if they win all the games. As Fitzpatrick says, they are part of the majority “destined to fail.” Like LuLaRoe’s retailers buying leggings boxes one after another, they too can go on stage with their founders, sparkling and celebrating their financial independence, with the promise of FBS from outside Power Five. The school is fraudulent.

It may be permissible to think that Bearcats’ imminent ascension to the Big 12, or even a fluffy appearance in the playoffs this season, proves the authenticity of college football, but you’re wrong. (11-0 Texas-San Antonio 22nd in the latest CFP ranking). There is no evidence that one outsider crashed the party in the 23 years since the introduction of the Bowl Championship Series, thereby pretending to be a consistent competitive structure. Except that occasionally, or perhaps inevitably, there must be a parity look.

As with so many aspects of American life, the world’s inventory of college football is a function of the system, acting as a feed rather than a bug, providing the illusion of fierce competition. This will inevitably spawn another gatorade bus. For Nick Saban. They provide their “student athlete” body, their college resources, the hopes and dreams of their graduates and fans, for the slightest scent of wealth and fame bestowed on their gridiron football. increase.

If momentum means something, one day you might get an extended playoff format. If possible, it is in a format that allows access to all FBS programs. In fact, if Cincinnati ends up undefeated and misses, that may be a more natural conclusion. Either way, it can’t come fast enough for me. There are many problems with college football and you can’t fix them all at once, but you can start with the most basic ones. The competition itself can be the actual competition, not the mouse lecture.

College football is still America’s largest MLM | ​​College football

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