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The proposed 12-team playoffs do not limit the number of teams that can participate in a single meeting.

Editor’s Note: The attached video is from January 2021

The College Football Playoffs announced Thursday that it would consider expanding from four teams to twelve teams to resolve the national championship. Six spots are reserved for the highest ranked conference champions, the other six are large choices.

The CFP’s surprising announcement outlined plans to triple the number of teams entering the postseason and give them a chance to win everything.

Even if this format was adopted (by this fall), there was no suggestion as to when the playoff expansion would take place. The earliest seems to be the 2023 season, but it’s likely to be after the 2026 season.

The selection committee will continue to be involved and the proposed 12-team playoffs will not limit the number of teams that can participate in a single meeting. The four highest-ranked conference champions receive the first round buy, and teams 5-12 face each other in four games on campus for the two weeks following the conference championship weekend, usually in early December. ..

The plan does not require reseeding brackets as the team progresses. The quarterfinals will be held in a bowl game on New Year’s Day — except on Sundays. On Sundays, those games will play on January 2nd and the day after.

The semi-finals will also be hosted in bowl games as they are today.

The proposal did not include the dates for the semi-finals and championship games, but showed that the semi-finals would not be played as a doubleheader in one day.

Currently, the six bowl games have a three-year rotation to host the semifinals, and the championship game site is open to bidders, much like the NFL does in the Super Bowl. Current semi-final bowl rotations include rose, sugar, orange, fiesta, cotton and peach bowls, but are not guaranteed to host the proposed expansion plan.

“The process of choosing the six bowls to rotate as hosts for the quarterfinals and semifinals has not yet been decided,” said the CFP plan.

This proposal will be reviewed by Chicago’s full CFP management committee on June 17-18.

On Thursday, a subcommittee consisting of Southeastern Conference Commissioner Greg Sankey, Big 12 Commissioner Bob Bosby, Mountain West Commissioner Craig Thompson, and Notre Dame Athletic Director Jack Swarbic propose to the rest of the conference commissioners at a zoom meeting. Was announced.

The group has been working on an expansion plan for almost two years and could have been announced earlier without a pandemic.

“The four-team format is very popular and has been very successful,” said a member of the four working groups in a statement. “But it’s important to consider opportunities for more teams and more student athletes to participate in the playoffs. After considering a number of options, this proposal has increased participation, strengthened the regular season, and college. I believe it is the best option to increase the national excitement of football. “

Next week, the Full Management Committee will decide whether to recommend expansion to the presidents of the universities that make up the CFP Oversight Committee. The President will meet with the Executive Committee in Dallas on June 22nd.

If approved by the President, the next step is to decide if and when the plan can be implemented during the summer. Final approval may be in September.

The College Football Playoff enters the eighth year of its 12-year contract with ESPN. The contract is not fixed in form, but it is expected that changes will be made after the contract expires after the 2025 season.

Bill Hancock, CFP Executive Director, said no changes could be made to the CFP format this season or in 2022.

The four-team playoffs took place in 2014. This is a natural advance from the Bowl Championship Series, which matched first and second place in the 1998-2013 title game.

Since 2014, only a few teams have won most of the spot, so the playoffs seem to have diminished in popularity. Alabama and Clemson each played six playoffs in seven years. Ohio State University and Oklahoma State University have each been elected four times. This is 71% of the playoff spots in only four of the 130 teams playing major college football.

A field of 12 teams with 6 spots reserved for the conference champion ensures that at least one team from outside the Power Five conference will participate in the playoffs each season. The Group of Five has never cracked or even approached the 4th field.

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