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Omaha, Nebraska (KMTV) — College World Series baseball is back in Omaha.

Steve Hilton, General Manager of Downtown Omaham Marriott, Capitol District, said:

Metro business is happier than ever. A new study by two Creighton University economics professors revealed that the city scored a lot when thousands of fans last filled the CWS stand.

The 2019 College World Series has generated over $ 88 million in Omaha alone.

Most people who participate in the game come from outside the state, but the local industry benefits.

Metro restaurants are seeing the biggest boost.

“Everywhere in downtown, you can think of it like Black Friday. It’s two weeks on Black Friday,” explains DJ Dougout Assistant Manager Samurai High School.

After last year’s CWS cancellation and pandemic, they are looking forward to a large number of baseball players.

“I missed last year. It’s really nice to get everyone out of town,” Heimerman added.

“This year is the beginning of a return to some normality in our tourism world,” Hilton said.

The hotel also hit a home run during the biggest show on the dirt. The Capitol District’s Omaham Marriott Downtown was completely sold out during the CWS period. That’s the welcome news to GM Steve Hilton.

“The two weeks of the College World Series are by far the best two weeks of the year,” says Hilton.

Part of the excitement is hosting the team.

“We want to nourish them well. We give them great hospitality treatments so that they can have a great experience here.

In the case of a hotel, the winning team means a long stay.

“There were Arkansas and Michigan,” Hilton said.

His hotel hosts two CWS finalists.

“We can lead them to the final, then it’s up to the team,” Hilton laughed.

Baseball fans aren’t just watching games at TD Ameritrade Park. They also spend their time and their money elsewhere. During the last CWS, nearly 25% of visitors went to the old market. Many guests were paying to see Omaha’s Henry Zoo, one of the largest tourist attractions in the metro.

CWS guests increase the traffic of people throughout the city, from the Capital District and Joslyn Art Museum to the Durham Museum and Boystown.

Those dollars are summed up. CWS visitors contributed a total of $ 8.7 million to local and state tax revenues in 2019.

CWS brings Omaha an external youth baseball tournament while fans fill the park. That means more money for the city. Between Triple-A Crown Slump Busters and Battle of Omaha, families stay in more than 75 hotels.

What is the conclusion?

“It’s a really very robust time for us,” Hilton said.

When it comes to Team Omaha, the Nebraska Nice motto applies. The number one word used to describe Omaha during the 2019 CWS was friendly-and you can’t put a dollar amount on it.

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College World Series a home run for Omaha’s economy Source link College World Series a home run for Omaha’s economy

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