Colonial Pipeline CEO explains how hackers broke into the system

Colonial Pipeline’s chief executive officer told the Senate on Tuesday that surveillance allowed hackers to break into its computer system. Paralysis of delivery of gasoline and other fuels Go up and down the east coast.

Joseph Braunt, CEO of the pipeline company, said a criminal hacker broke into a colonial computer and said it was an “unintended” old virtual private, commonly known as a VPN. The company believes it has breached through a network, he added, “still trying to identify how an attacker obtained the credentials needed to exploit it.”

VPN was a technology often used by businesses to allow staff to access their corporate network from home and did not require multi-factor authentication. Information — Security professionals often refer to it as “knowing, having.” Often the first information is the password. For example, the second is the code sent to your mobile phone. Multi-factor authentication is becoming more and more common, and even free services such as Gmail and Facebook offer multi-factor authentication and encourage people to do it.

Democratic and Republican senators were generally sympathetic to Mr Brownt’s question and did not actively pressure him on obvious vulnerabilities. Colonial operates a 5,500-mile pipeline network, supplying 100 million gallons of gasoline, diesel and jet fuel daily to gas stations, airports and other customers along the east coast, nearly half of the region’s transportation energy. Is supplying.

“We deeply apologize for the impact of this attack,” Braunt said.

According to Braunt, the damage to the pipeline could have been exacerbated if the company had not immediately notified the Federal Bureau of Investigation on the day of the attack and paid a ransom to a criminal group called the Dark Side that broke into the system. Suggested that there is sex.

The Justice Ministry said on Monday More than half the ransom, This is equivalent to Bitcoin, a digital currency worth a total of $ 4 million.

Colonial Pipeline CEO explains how hackers broke into the system

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