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Colony House’s Caleb Chapman on learning from touring – Kansas City, Missouri

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Despite your favorite genre and artist, we all have memories of meeting one of your favorite bands after our first concert, product purchase, or show. .. For many years, the Tennessee-based rock band Colony House has been one of the bands that has given me many special memories.

Their debut album, When i was youngReleased in 2014, it’s a smart blend of old-school rock and roll, 2010s alternative rock, and lyrical themes reminiscent of the country legends that appeared before it. I caught up with Colony House prior to the release of their new EP, Rotten tomatoes, And their show on September 29th in Granada.

pitch: It’s wild to think that I last talked to you five years ago. We interviewed you before the show and before the release at KC Live Block Only loneliness.. how have you been?

Caleb Chapman: Wow, yes. It was a long time ago. Since then, many lives have lived. Obviously both good and difficult moments, but everything is believed to be on track. thank you!

In a conversation before us, Park said something that still holds a lot of truth. He said being around talented and inspirational people will help make you better with your own skills. The Colony House was a band for a very long time at this point. How do you challenge yourself and grow when your chemistry is already so strong?

With every show and every new album, you learn to trust each other a little more. As a collaborator, I believe it is the best gift you can give to each other, Trust. We have all continued to sharpen ourselves. It only makes your “chemistry” as a band easier and easier to lean on.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, my view of the artist’s chemistry has changed dramatically. I’ve done a lot of interviews, and it’s interesting to hear how musicians had to adapt to the COVID-19 restrictions regarding writing and recording together. You are not only in the band, but also your parents. How did you find a balance between parent-child relationships and work?

It’s definitely a fluctuating learning curve. Finding the balance of all this is a challenge, but I think it’s what we signed up for. I’m sure I would have to learn the balance with something else without this job. The sacrifice is real, but the reward for doing what you love to support your family is an incredible gift.

The first time I saw the Colony House live was when I was in the tank room (now Black Dolphin) with my brother Danzel many years ago. The venue was so intimate that it is still one of my favorite concerts today. Your tour was supposed to start in Bonnaroo, Tennessee. Do the cities and venues you’ve played make a lot of sense to you?

We have been touring for a long time, but there are some spots on the map that hold a special place in our minds for a variety of reasons. Here are some examples.Philadelphia … After playing, it broke down on the way to Philadelphia [our] First show in New York City. We couldn’t stay anywhere with money, but a friend connected us to a family in Philadelphia. Since then, they have become part of our favorite people in the world and feel like a family. I played Red Rocks once in Colorado during the opening of NeedtoBreathe and Switchfoot … a very spectacular night!

I love playing in cities and venues that have supported the band from the beginning, like Fayetteville, Arkansas (George’s Majestic Theater). Waco, Texas (common ground).

Portland, Oregon (Dagfer). The list may continue to grow.

Tennessee has a very deep history when it comes to clenching teeth at various music venues and artists. Everyone, bands like Paramore and Kings of Leon have had a huge impact on me and the way I listen to music. From your point of view, how has the music scene changed over the years across Tennessee?

Well, it just grew up. That’s for sure. It has stretched its arms far outside the world of the country, and it’s really cool to be part of it. I find it fun to be part of a constantly changing and evolving city, with the pride of being here since I was born.

Image0Your new EP, Rotten tomatoes, Will be released on September 10th. Can you talk about the writing process while creating an EP and working on “automatic” with Fleurie?

What we all wanted to do in this strange season was a really eclectic collection of songs. The spirit behind it was not to think too much. We wanted to challenge ourselves to follow inspiration and not be tied to the invisible “theme box” that made up the rules we had to follow.

When I talked to him in 2016, I asked him what kind of advice he would give to an ambitious artist. Looking back on everything the Colony House has done so far, what advice would you give to yourself at the age of 21?

Slow down and be patient. We place great importance on having to accomplish these incredible things when we are young. It doesn’t matter that much … after all, if we aren’t happy with the moment we are, we can’t be fully grateful that we’re working so hard. (I now have to always say these same things to myself.)

Colony House’s new EP, Rotten tomatoes, Will come out and the band will perform in Granada with Fleury on September 29th.Details of the show here..

Colony House’s Caleb Chapman on learning from touring Source link Colony House’s Caleb Chapman on learning from touring

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