Coloradans on pandemic unemployment told to repay thousands – Denver, Colorado

Denver, Colorado 2021-09-20 11:14:14 –

Denver — A man in Denver owes Colorado over $ 18,000, but he didn’t know he was in debt until last Wednesday. And he’s not alone — thousands of Coloradans received overpaid letters to help with pandemic unemployment. And they are now being told to repay.

“Everything I was asked to do, I did. They checked my ID and made sure I did everything right,” Anthony said. “I don’t know where they expect me to come up with this money.”

He asked Denver 7 not to use his name because of privacy concerns.

He hasn’t submitted tax information since 2019 and is being asked to repay. This is a clause added to the January Parliamentary Renewal of Pandemic Unemployment Assistance. He says all other documents are correct.

“It’s unreasonable for me to be reprimanded for one document I didn’t even know I needed to include,” he said. “It’s completely unexpected. It’s frustrating, it’s disappointing.”

I’ve heard that Denver7 has thousands of other dollars in debt. The state has sent overpayment notices to more than 23,000 Coloradans who have registered for unemployment.

“The law requires that money be returned to an appropriate federal program,” said Phil Spechard of the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment. “If we fail to meet these demands, we will be overpaid and will have to repay the funds.”

Authorities say there is a way to resolve overpayment notices, including the appeal process, but Anthony says it’s difficult to reach CDLE because so many people are trying to call. He says he was instructed to start paying by October. 1 or a collection of faces.

Coloradans on pandemic unemployment told to repay thousands Source link Coloradans on pandemic unemployment told to repay thousands

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