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Not the majority of people say that Colorado has or does not have a labor shortage, at least according to Colorado. Unscientific reader voting on what’s working.. The result of the question “Is there a labor shortage?” Is as follows.

  • Yes: 22.1%
  • No: 37.7%
  • Complex: 40.3%

It’s definitely a painful place for many. Earlier this week Dozens of companies in northern Colorado We asked Governor Jared Polis to end an additional $ 300 a week in federal unemployment benefits. Companies like Columbine Health Systems delayed opening a facility in Windsor because they didn’t have enough nurses. Colorado people Reported (also Fort Collins newspaper) There is a list of all companies In the petition).

Police responded with similar feelings In response to his reply asking three Colorado Republicans the same thing in Congress in early June: “It would be ridiculous for Colorado to simply send this money back to Washington,” but Congress estimates to the state 6 He is interested that he can spend up to $ 800 million if he gives more flexibility to the $ 100 million method.

Economist also says There is no labor shortage, This happens when wages start to rise. By the way, wages are rising in some industries, such as restaurant kitchen staff and traditional retail employees.

The reader’s answer, “Yes, there is,” provided evidence of why the workforce had to be in short supply.

  • “Limited time or business”
  • “Waiting time and (poor) service” at the restaurant
  • “Financial stimulus measures have made it more likely that you will get a lower salary for not working than a higher salary for actually working.”
Visitors to Butte d’ange, Colorado, have been patronizing restaurants and businesses along Elk Avenue with a “Call for Help” sign posted on windows and doors on June 19, 2021. (Special to Dean Krakel and Colorado Sun)

A solid “no” states that almost all low wages force workers to choose high-paying jobs or use additional unemployment allowances to train and find better jobs.

“After a year or more off work, many restaurant workers have been retrained for high-paying jobs and are not interested in server wages or in-house minimum wage jobs. Going to school with unemployment benefits. I know someone who is back and has a graduate degree, “writes one reader.

A woman in Trinidad says her son applied in 10 places and received a one-time call back. Are there any Trinidad small businesses that need teenage employees?Let me I know that Get in touch with his mom.

About 40.3% of readers said it was “complex”, but the reason was well thought out.

There is a mention of childcare costs, but is it worthwhile for parents to work as it can be a huge part of their salary? And there are many who blame the soaring housing prices that do not match low wages.

“Raise your wages to the point where you don’t have to live in a car and have a lot of workers.”

“Rents are zero because there is a significant shortage of people who are willing to work for $ 15-18 per hour.”

Some job listings are either inflexible or too demanding and paying too little. “I think it’s great for a particular research support job, but my employer fires me because I have no experience with one or two specific things,” said one man.

Another reader thought that rehiring would take a long time. “Therefore, this is partly temporary, and we also find that companies can operate with fewer workers and are not 100% rehired.”

Another reader added, “Much more people than you think don’t know how to apply for a job or don’t want to work on a computer.”

And there are some predictions about the future outlook. “And there are changes in employers. Stores that have short business hours or (they) don’t need too many workers.”

And at least one person mentioned what I had previously pointed out about labor shortages in some industries.

Living wage question

So how exactly do you need to live in Colorado? The most popular answer from What’s Working readers is $ 20 per hour. The hourly wages came from people from Denver and Longmont to Grand Lake, Hesperus and Salida.

Comfortable wages — by the way, all writing — come in somewhere between $ 12 and $ 43 and change for an hour. At $ 12, it’s below the state’s minimum wage of $ 12.32, but $ 43 is about $ 90,000 a year.

The location seems to be important to balance wage expectations with housing costs and other basic needs. But even in cities like Boulder, the expected living wages are everywhere. Living wages ranged from $ 17 to $ 38.46 per hour, according to a response from Boulder.

“The (two-thirds) store hired full-time staff at the minimum wage and paid the shift manager only a penny to $ 1. No one could live on that money, COVID. Woke us all up to new opportunities, “said one who worked at a mall in Boulder and raised his living wage to $ 17.42 an hour. “Everyone I know has retired, stayed at home and raised money to save on childcare, or found a new source of income (found).”

Someone at Boulder’s high end said that in order to make wages livable, you need to include enough money to pay for rent, commuting, children, pets and student loans.

Because of your visual needs, I put the research in a better context with the rest of my life. This is the average household income for the county from the 2019 U.S. Census data, and the average rent per city, if available, in addition to the average habitable wage by city or region. .. Tracked by Rentcafe As of June 2021.

There’s no clear answer in this week’s column, but sharing feedback from readers can help others think about housing costs, reliance on low-paying service jobs, and potential inflation. ..

I’ll leave a few more comments from the survey.

People do not want (and should) work for the poverty wages currently offered (and have been offered in the past). In general, businesses, businesses and employers need to be careful. People should be able to work and live without fear of creating rent and other needs as well as basic needs.

If your starting wage is $ 15 an hour and your employees work four hours a day, you’ll have enough benefits, but you won’t be able to get applicants for these jobs. When we do so, many do not appear in the interview. See the school district’s job listings. It’s hard to continue school now.

On the other hand, entry-level white-collar jobs appear to be overworked or at least lacking new positions (especially at livable wages). How does this affect college graduates in the next few years (2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, etc.) in their potential career path?

Next time, we’ll return to more regular work and unemployment news. Have a nice weekend, everyone! ~Tamara

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Coloradans talk about worker shortages and livable wages Source link Coloradans talk about worker shortages and livable wages

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