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Significance of the 100th Anniversary State in January after voters elected the Governor, one of Colorado’s U.S. Senate seats, and the Secretary of State’s challenger in the state’s 2022 Democratic and Republic primaries. We are ready for the expected general election. All eyes were on Republican tickets. This year was a night of little problem for Democrats, with almost all Democratic incumbents not campaigning against it.

As of 3:30 pm on Tuesday, nearly 972,188 voters across the state have voted, with 26% of voters increasing their turnout, according to the Secretary of State. office.. This is down from the turnout of 45.4% in the 2020 primary, where voters had the opportunity to vote for presidential candidates. Ballots continue to be counted until night, but here are some important points.

Last updated: Tuesday, June 28, 10:15 pm

Joe Odia vie for US Senate seat for Michael Bennett

Joe O’Dea will face incumbent Michael Bennett in the general election, beating state legislator Ron Hanks in about 57% of the votes to claim a Republican nomination for the US Senate. O’Dea is a businessman, first-time candidate, and unlike his opponents, hoping to be the first Republican to be elected to major state-wide offices since 2014. , Appealed to more moderate Republican voters.

Heidi Ganard wins Republican primary

Approximately 55% of the votes are counted, and Colorado University Regent Heidi Ganard becomes a candidate for GOP governor of Colorado, defeating former Parker mayor Greg Lopez from a crowded Republican pool. Candidates competing to leave their seats Democratic Governor Jared Polis in the general election. Ganard is currently the only Republican in Colorado to hold state-wide positions, defending his goals of reducing living expenses, increasing police support, and most often against abortion.

Representing the Republicans in the Third District Race after Lauren Boebert’s controversial first phase

US Senator Lauren Boebert defeated Colorado Senator and challenger Don Coram with 63.75 percent of the votes in the Colorado Third District Republican primary. Bobert, a supporter of Article 2 of the Constitutional Amendment and a denial of the 2020 presidential election, was one of the most polarized Republicans in the state’s recent history during his first term in parliament. I became one of the people. In November, she will face Democratic candidate Adam Frish, a former Aspen city council member who won about 43.8% of the votes in the Democratic primary on Tuesday night.

Pamela Anderson defeats Tina Peters in Republican Secretary of State nomination

Former Jefferson County Secretary Pamela Anderson was recently appointed Republican Secretary of State over Tina Peters, Mesa County Secretary, who was charged with felony and misdemeanor for violating the security of the elections. Anderson meets current Democratic Secretary of State Jena Griswold.

8th Parliamentary District

Democrat Yadira Caraveo and Republican Senator Barbara Kirkmeyer are expected to vie for seats in Colorado’s newly drawn Eighth Parliamentary District. The race was carefully watched in November, taking control of the US House of Representatives and securing seats in the new district. Flagged as toss up.. Thornton’s pediatrician and second-term state representative, Caraveo, ran without opposition to the Democratic nomination. Kirkmeyer, known for his two missions as Commissioner of Baseball in Weld County and voice in a short attempt to leave the county’s state, was Tuesday night, Mayor of Thornton’s Jean-Coolman, Commissioner of Weld County. Lori Sane led the military veteran Tyler Allcorn.

Colorado 2022 Primary Election Results: Republicans Spurn Election Deniers (Mostly) Source link Colorado 2022 Primary Election Results: Republicans Spurn Election Deniers (Mostly)

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