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Denver, Colorado 2021-07-22 08:00:39 –

The Colorado AFL-CIO has decided to suspend donations to the Colorado Democratic Party and a committee that supports the election of the Democratic Party to the Colorado General Assembly. One expert said it was a “rare step” in organized labor.

The anomalous rift is when the union, which represents 130,000 workers in Colorado and donates more than $ 100,000 each year in elections, puts its own donations in the moratorium and sends a message until May next year. It means that we have time to re-enter politics before the first general election in 2022.

“At these times, the labor movement and the Democratic Party need to work as close partners to respond to this moment and address (economic) problems,” said Dennis Doherty, Executive Director of the Colorado AFL-CIO. Wrote to fellow union leaders this week by email. ..

“But instead of leading us out of poverty, in favor of bringing business and opposition groups to the table, we were excluded from the caucuses on policymaking and as an ally. I was ignored and forced to retrofit, “he added.

Dougherty did not cite any particular law or statement that would lead to a crack. When contacted by phone on Wednesday, the union leader declined to comment or answer any questions about his email.

The number of union members increased nationwide between 2019 and 2020, but only after decades of decline in response to the declining political power of organized workers. Ryan La Mare, a professor of labor relations at the University of Illinois, said the union was often dissatisfied with the Democratic Party, but felt more associated with the Democratic Party than the Republican Party.

“Unions usually do not take such a concrete step,” La Mare said. “They tend to express their dissatisfaction aloud:” this is what we want “or” this is the way we want you to improve things. ” .. They usually don’t go until they formally withdraw their financial support to the party … it’s a very rare step. “

He said it’s important to remember the timing of the Colorado AFL-CIO.

“Unions are very strategic in their actions and are likely to have timed this to send a message to the Democratic Party of Colorado,” La Mare said. party. “

The Colorado AFL-CIO has donated about $ 500,000 to Democratic candidates, and the Left has triggered the last three election cycles. Most of the money went to the issuing committee, not the candidates. This is because the Commission can legally receive much larger donations. In 2020, we donated $ 27,300 to the Issuing Commission for paid parental leave and $ 25,000 to the Issuing Commission against state income tax cuts.

It is not clear whether the union will stop donating to the issuing committee. Dougherty’s email states that the union does not directly contribute to parties, political action committees supporting Democratic candidates in parliament, or party events “or other channels / events.” Doherty also refused to clarify that Wednesday.

It is unclear whether the crack has expanded or expanded to other unions. Dougherty’s email asks fellow unions to join the Colorado AFL-CIO and stop donations, but some large Colorado unions declined to comment on Wednesday or responded to requests. There wasn’t.

Of the $ 128,400 donated by the union in 2020, only $ 2,500 was donated to candidates. Democratic Pueblo Rep. Daneya Esgar received $ 1,200. When asked about the AFL-CIO’s decision on Wednesday, Esgar did not mention it in her statement.

“Southern Colorado is strong against unions,” the statement said. “My door is always open to organized labor partners. I stand with them in the fight to boost workers and protect their rights. We are together I’m proud to have achieved it. “

The union last month expressed dissatisfaction with Democrats in the state legislature and called for five Democrats who voted against it. SB21-176This makes it easier for workers to file harassment claims.

“Workers in Colorado have elected Democrats to support racial and economic justice,” the union tweeted on June 8, stating that the bill “for Colorado workers and racial justice.” “Good,” but “killed by five Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee.” In 2020, the union donated to two of the five Democrats who voted to kill the bill, 5 Approved 4 of the people.

One of the groups that Colorado AFL-CIO will stop supporting is the House Majority Project, which works to elect Democrats to the Colorado House. Chris Kennedy, chairman of the Democratic Party of Lakewood, said House Democrats “continue to consider AFL-CIO, its affiliates and other trade unions as key partners in the House Majority Project.”

In a statement, Democratic Colorado Chairman Morgan Carroll said the party “always solidarity with the brothers and sisters of our union.” Republican Speaker Christie Burton Brown said she was “a real party in the working class.”

“We work with everyone to empower them to stand up, choose their own path, open up work and career growth, support industry and vocational schools, and pursue their own American dream. “I will,” Burton Brown wrote on Twitter on Tuesday.

Staff writer Saja Hindi contributed to this report.

Colorado AFL-CIO decides to stop donating to Colorado Democratic Party Source link Colorado AFL-CIO decides to stop donating to Colorado Democratic Party

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