Colorado data shows 95% of people hospitalized with COVID in Colorado since January were unvaccinated – Denver, Colorado

Denver, Colorado 2021-07-20 15:29:30 –

According to data released by the Denver-Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, approximately 95% of approximately 10,000 people admitted with COVID-19 in Colorado since mid-January have not been vaccinated.

CDPHE confirms the data and First reported on Monday by The Denver PostBy email to Denver7, Tuesday morning. The agency added that 78.7% of the 717 deaths of COVID-19 who died after April 1 were related to unvaccinated people.

CDPHE spokesperson data show that vaccination is COVID-19 and State-wide delta variants And the country.Federal and state public health authorities Was in Mesa County We are working to combat low vaccination rates, high COVID cases and hospitalizations, and weeks of delta mutation epidemics.

“We recommend that all targeted coronadans be vaccinated as soon as possible. It is the easiest way to protect our friends, family and communities and return to the lives we love. “The spokesman said.

According to CDPHE, between January 15 and July 10, only 4.7% of 9,891 people admitted with COVID-19 received one or two of the three vaccines licensed for emergency use. I was vaccinated. The rest were unvaccinated.

Also, between April 1st and July 3rd, only 21.3% of deaths in people infected with COVID-19 were in those who had already received one or both doses, depending on the vaccine they received. The agency says it is involved.

The agency said the mortality rate of vaccinated or unvaccinated people is related to those who died of COVID-19, but not necessarily due to COVID-19.

“Note that the causes of death have not yet been investigated, so these are currently considered deaths from COVID-19 cases, not COVID-19 cases,” said a department spokesman.

Colorado Public Health School Latest modeling reportAnnounced at the end of June, the Delta variant accounted for more than 75% of infections.

The new number from CDPHE looks like this Data from across the country show correlation Vaccinated people are less likely to have serious consequences from COVID and are less likely to be hospitalized, Less likely to die It is the cause of the disease, despite ongoing research into how effective the vaccine is against Delta and other variants that are believed to be more potent.There was also There are few side effects From vaccines compared to millions of vaccinated people.

data Published by CDC Adults over the age of 65 who received both doses of the mRNA vaccines (Pfizer and Moderna) in late April were 94% less likely to be hospitalized than unvaccinated people and were only partially vaccinated. It has been shown that if not, the chances of being hospitalized are 64% lower.

CDPHE too Data released on Monday It shows that 146,390 Coloradons have not yet been vaccinated for the second time. Only about 4.4% of the 3.3 million Coloradoans who received at least one vaccination, less than 6% earlier this month.

Over 3 million coronadans have been fully vaccinated and over 3.3 million have been vaccinated at least once.

The case has been Every second Here, after June 19th, when the average positive rate for 7 days reached 2.28%. According to CDPHE data, the average positive rate for 7 days was 3.71% as of Sunday.But hospitalization continues Almost flat There is a factor of delay from the last week of June.

Vaccination in Colorado It peaked from the end of March to the beginning of May, but has been steadily declining in Colorado since then. As of Tuesday, approximately 62% of eligible coronadans have been fully vaccinated.

by New York Times COVID Tracker, Colorado was found among the lowest two-week changes in case rates and hospitalization rates in the country. And state modeling data has been available over the past few months. County with the highest immunization level It also has the lowest number of viral cases, hospitalizations and deaths.

In a June 30 report, the Colorado COVID-19 Modeling Group said, “Given the large differences in vaccine intake across states, low-vaccination areas of Colorado are of concern in the coming months. I expect it to be a field that will be used. “

CDPHE states that those who have not yet been fully vaccinated should “continue to wear masks, practice physical distance, wash their hands frequently, and limit gatherings with people outside the home.” It states.

Denver Metro Area County All vaccination rates are over 60%, As in the mountains and some counties in southwestern Colorado. The counties with the lowest immunization rates (all less than 40% of the target population) include Dolores, Stupid, Fremont, Kiowa, Rio Branco, Kit Carson, Lincoln, Logan, Washington, Cheyenne, Bent and Crawley. It will be.

Bloomfield, Minerals, Eagle, Summit, Pitkin, San Miguel and San Juan counties all vaccinate more than 80% of the population.

Colorado data shows 95% of people hospitalized with COVID in Colorado since January were unvaccinated Source link Colorado data shows 95% of people hospitalized with COVID in Colorado since January were unvaccinated

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