Colorado Democrats urge Pence to remove Trump from office – Denver, Colorado

Denver, Colorado 2021-01-12 23:28:50 –

On Tuesday night, Parliamentary Coloradans were split according to party policy at the time of voting. Mainly iconic resolution He urged Vice President Mike Pence to help dismiss President Donald Trump before his inauguration on January 20th.

Four Democrats in the state voted in favor of the resolution passed by voting 223-205. Three Colorado House Republicans voted against it.

“We say here that Congress believes the president cannot fulfill his obligations even during the decline of this administration,” said Democrat Ed Perlmutter, a member of the House of Representatives. Said during the discussion at.

The vote was the first action that shook the country, killing five people in a violent riot at the US Capitol on January 6. The resolution urges Pence to convene a cabinet and vote to remove Trump through the 25th Amendment, an unused clause that allows the cabinet to do so when it discovers that the president is unable to function. did. Pence said he wouldn’t do it on Tuesday.

“It is a bad constitutional precedent to pressure the Vice President to invoke the 25th Amendment, which was intended to give power when the President was incapacitated,” said Windsor Republican Rep. Ken Bach. Will be. “

“I hate the president, so don’t use this amendment as a political tool. Democrats can’t continue to abuse our constitutional process,” said Doug Ramborn, Republican of Colorado Springs.

On Wednesday, the house is ready to impeach Trump again, which is alleged to have instigated last week’s riots. The vote is also expected to be in line with party policy within the Colorado General Assembly delegation, with all Democrats in favor of impeachment and all Republicans in opposition.

“If Vice President Mike Pence and the Cabinet refuse to act, they are ready to impeach the president,” said Democrat Jason Crow, a Democrat of Aurora, who filed a proceeding against Trump in the first impeachment a year ago. Stated. “Our democracy and the security and security of the American people depend on it.”

Colorado Democrats urge Pence to remove Trump from office Source link Colorado Democrats urge Pence to remove Trump from office

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