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Colorado governor not pursuing COVID-19 vaccine mandate for state employees as delta variant rages – Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado Springs, Colorado 2021-07-27 12:58:26 –

Governor Jared Polis has not considered mandating a coronavirus vaccine for approximately 30,000 Colorado employees. Governor of California and Mayor of New York On Monday, it announced that it would pursue that route to combat the increasing number of cases of delta variants.

“The state is working very hard to educate Colorado about how safe and effective vaccines are. We make vaccines free, convenient and available to everyone. We’ve been working hard. Police spokesman Connor Kayhill has just announced in a statement a new incentive round that hopes to increase the number of vaccinated Coloradons. ” “These efforts continue to be the focus of the state’s COVID response.”

Cases are increasing throughout the United States and Colorado as the spread of delta variants, which are far more contagious than other strains of the disease. The subspecies was first detected in India.

Health officials blamed this tendency on unvaccinated people and urged them to be vaccinated as soon as possible. Over 70% of Colorado adults receive at least one COVID-19 vaccine, which is significantly behind in some counties.

“Vaccination of more than 70% of Colorado adults is an important milestone, but that’s not enough,” Police recently told social media.

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  • test: The community test site is here.The state is Encourage now People with symptoms to take the test.
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The governor believes that 85% of Coloradans are open to vaccination, but 15% never agree to be vaccinated. His administration is now aware that the mass vaccination window has been closed and is working individually to increase the state’s vaccination coverage.

The COVID-19 vaccine will be given if someone is completely inoculated. Very effective For delta variants Especially when it comes to preventing hospitalization and death.. Approximately 95% of Colorado coronavirus hospitalizations from January to June were unvaccinated.

Governor of California Gavin Newsom ordered health care workers to be vaccinated as part of his new actions to combat the disease, in addition to requiring civil servants to be vaccinated or regularly tested. rice field.

“Individual choices not to be vaccinated are now affecting our other people in a serious, devastating and deadly way,” Newsom said.

Police is open to employers of health care workers who require vaccination as a condition of employment, but does not appear to be interested in state immunization obligations for health care workers.

“Our healthcare professionals have long implemented influenza vaccine policies to protect employees and vulnerable patients, so it’s not surprising that many are considering establishing similar policies. That’s what Cahill says. “As the FDA gives full approval, we expect many employers to consider similar policies to keep their workplaces safe and end this pandemic.”

The coronavirus vaccine available in the United States currently only has an emergency use authorization from the Food and Drug Administration. This serves as a reason why some employers do not need vaccination.

The average of seven-day new cases in Colorado was 570 as of Sunday, up from the June 21 low of 300. Case rates are well below the state’s seven-day average peak of about 5,400 in November. Still, as the new semester approaches and the summer ends, anxiety grows.

Police said last week that Colorado hospitals continued to have good capacity and had no plans to enact new coronavirus restrictions. “I think I made it clear from the beginning. State ties keep our hospital system from being overwhelmed,” he said.

(As of Tuesday morning, about 300 people in Colorado were hospitalized for COVID-19. The peak was 1,847 in December.)

However, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Will be recommended on Tuesday In some parts of the United States where coronavirus is rampant, vaccinated people wear masks indoors.

In May, the CDC relaxed guidance to fully vaccinated people and was able to stop wearing masks outdoors in the crowd and in most indoor environments. However, coronavirus is rampant in many states, fueled by delta mutations, especially in areas with low vaccination rates.

In recent weeks, many cities and towns, including Los Angeles, have reinstated indoor masking rules.

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Colorado governor not pursuing COVID-19 vaccine mandate for state employees as delta variant rages Source link Colorado governor not pursuing COVID-19 vaccine mandate for state employees as delta variant rages

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