Colorado independent commission releases preliminary eight-district congressional map – Denver, Colorado

Denver, Colorado 2021-06-23 19:00:21 –

Denver-Colorado’s Independent Constituency Change Commission First Preliminary parliamentary map Tuesday put Colorado New 8th Parliamentary District In Northern Denver Metro Area.

Pueblo also moves from 3rd to 4thth Parliamentary district, currently represented by Republican Rep. Kenbak,rdAcquire the Eagle, Summit, Grand, and Clear Creek counties, represented by Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert.

Colorado Independent Subdivision Commission staff created the map Turn off preliminary data The committee Staff are waiting for final data from the 2020 census August, then The map will be adjusted.

Jeremiah Barry, a lawyer who advises the Commission, said the staff was created with both population growth and the growing Hispanic population in the region taken into account. New district In the northern metropolitan area, and to maintain it 4th parliamentary district More rural, some more urban counties were divided in several places.

This is the first time a nonpartisan committee has drawn a map after a parliamentary constituency change every 10 years after the census and voters approve a constitutional amendment to create a nonpartisan committee in 2018.

Barry acknowledged that there are likely to be “some significant differences” between the maps due to the change from preliminary data to final data.

“This should look very closely, as well as a very preliminary plan to provide a map for the general public to start looking at, so that we can identify the communities of particular interest. Committees and staff on where the communities are and why they should be included in a single district, “he said.

Curtis Hubbard, a supporter of the voting bill that created the Independent Commission and lobbying them, repeated these feelings.

“This preliminary plan is not communicated by the final data. It’s preliminary and I think it’s important for everyone to remember that this is really the beginning of the process,” Hubbard said. Stated. “It’s not near the finish line.”

In addition to the change to 3rd And 4th,Fiveth Parliamentary district, currently represented by Republican Rep. Doug Ramborn, Will lose The counties of Teller, Park, Fremont and Chafy are limited to El Paso County. However, it excludes the southeastern quarter.Second Congress District represented by Democratic Rep. Joe Neguse You will lose some of that mountain community.

7th parliamentary districtIt will shift further south in some areas, such as West Jefferson County, Castle Pines, and Castle Rock, currently represented by Democratic Congressman Ed Perlmutter.

6th Parliamentary DistrictCurrently represented by Democrat Jason Crow, it includes Aurora, Greenwood Village, Centennial, and Littleton, but part of the northern region is included in

1890 parliamentary districtOnly Denver, represented by Democratic Rep. Diana Deget, is included.

The Commission is required by the Constitution to weigh seven factors when drawing a map. Has an adjacent district; complies with the Voting Rights Act of 1965. Keep the community of interest intact. Maintain counties, cities, and towns as a whole. Keep the district as compact as possible. Maximize competitive districts.

The· Independent legislative restructuring committee A preliminary map of the State Legislature and the Senate will be released on June 29, and the two committees will hold dozens of joint meetings. Hearing from July 9th to August 28th To gather the reaction and opinions from the citizens. Eight of the twelve commissioners, including two unrelated commissioners, must vote to approve the final map.

“So it will really be necessary for them to work together to reach a common-sense consensus on what is best for Colorado,” Hubbard said.

The Commission will receive official census data on August 16th.

Colorado independent commission releases preliminary eight-district congressional map Source link Colorado independent commission releases preliminary eight-district congressional map

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