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Evans, Colorado — Since October 2020, Chris Garcia has shared state-wide COVID-19 response information on its social media platform.

Although he has modest followers compared to social media superstars, his followers in northern Colorado make up an important group in Colorado in response to COVID-19. Garcia is the organizer and activist of the Spanish-speaking community around Greeley.

He says his words are more trusted than television news and information that may come from the state.

“That’s why it’s important to hear from vaccinated people and say this,” Garcia said. “I want to allow our community to move forward and our state to be able to say that we are overcoming this.”

NS Report by Axios It shows how much the state has put into social media pushes to get information about vaccines to Coloradans. The state government has signed a contract with Denver-based Idea Marketing with $ 8.8 million in CARES Act funding to employ 126 social media influencers across various demographics.

Influencers are paid in the range of $ 400 to $ 1,000 per month based on reach. Each influencer needs to publish eight posts a month about vaccines in order to reach the network.

CDPHE said in a statement that promoting social media is part of a larger strategy to increase Colorado’s confidence in vaccines.

“Influencers have diverse backgrounds and speak to their community. We know this is influential,” the statement said. “Surveys show that people like to talk to their peers and trusted community members when making decisions about their health.”

Garcia says his goal is to help people who follow his platform trust the vaccine. That trust comes from listening to the concerns of his community and responding with respect.

“I share what’s important to me, and this is important to me because we want our community to move forward,” Garcia said. “For me, this is an opportunity to tell me these issues. This is the issue I want to promote.”

However, despite continued state-wide promotion to reach diverse communities, vaccination rates among Latino communities throughout the state continue to lag. According to data from the Colorado Vaccine website, Hispanics make up only 10.16% of the vaccinated state’s population, even though they make up 20.22% of the population. This is about the same as the population, compared to 67.95% of vaccinated white residents.

Currently, over 62% of eligible coronadans are vaccinated. As delta variants continue to spread, there is a new urgency to increase vaccination rates for populations that are overlooked or skeptical of vaccines.

Garcia says platforms like him are important for moving the plan forward.

“I tell people, do it for your kids, do it for your community, do it for your small business, all these reasons important to you Do it for, “Garcia said. “It’s more important than ever.”

Colorado influencers paid to share vaccine message to diverse communities across the state Source link Colorado influencers paid to share vaccine message to diverse communities across the state

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