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Colorado lawmakers approve effort to give past child sex assault victims a chance to sue their abusers, institutions – Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado Springs, Colorado 2021-06-08 14:28:05 –

Colorado General Assembly on Tuesday gives Governor Jared Polis a controversial bill that gives historic survivors of sexual assault of children who have lost civil statutes a three-year opportunity to sue abusers and failed institutions or organizations. Was sent to Jared Polis. To stop the abuse.

Senate Bill 88 passed the House of Representatives with a 50 to 14 vote. The Senate passed the bill 31 to 3.

The proceedings may begin on January 1. The bill limits the amount of damages filed under the bill to public authorities to $ 387,000. There will also be a $ 500,000 “soft” cap for private organizations such as churches and summer camps sued under the law. Victims’ failure to take steps to stop abuse or to inform the public of the risk with clear and compelling evidence (the highest legal standard in civil law) If the person can prove it, the limit will be raised to $ 1 million.

If the law is signed by Police Senate Bill 88 Put Colorado in common with other states, Including California and New York, Has already passed a law that provides a window for proceedings to victims of past child sexual assaults.

“I am very grateful to the group for helping the survivors,” said Congressman Dafna Michaelson Jenett, a Democrat in Commerce City who has been working on the issue for many years.

“See you again: Huh,” she said.

The Catholic Church opposed the Colorado bill and warned that it would overburden those who had not been involved in crime for decades.

Republicans and some Democrats also claim that the bill violates the State Constitution.

However, supporters of the bill argued that the law was the cause of a new civil lawsuit and did not conflict with the statute of limitations of other Colorado civil law on sexual abuse.

Constitutionality issues have almost derailed the House Judiciary Committee’s bill last week and barely pushed it forward. Heading to the hearing, it seems that there wasn’t enough support from the Democratic Party to move the bill forward.

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Democrat Denver, Jennifer Bacon, said he didn’t know how to vote because of constitutional concerns shortly before the commission passed the bill 6-5.

Bacon voted “yes” after Commission Chairman Mike Weissman turned to the six Democrats on the panel and begged them to move the bill forward. “This is urgent,” said Aurora. Even with this call (which is not the case in my mind), I make an urgent call to survivors of child sexual abuse and concealment of facilities. “

For Michaelson Jennet, the head of Commerce City, the result was so amazing that he cried with his chest.

Constitutionality issues could eventually be brought to court, observers say.

Governor has already signed this year Senate Bill 77 This abolished the civil statute of limitations for future sexual assault cases.

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Colorado lawmakers approve effort to give past child sex assault victims a chance to sue their abusers, institutions Source link Colorado lawmakers approve effort to give past child sex assault victims a chance to sue their abusers, institutions

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