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Denver, Colorado 2021-05-04 20:46:37 –

Denver-State Parliamentarians announced the long-awaited transportation bill on Tuesday, and in 2021 Colorado State Capitol will eventually work on such measures after years of stagnation in the State Capitol and ballot boxes. Said it was a year.

Democratic sponsor of the bill, SB21-260, Governor Jared Polis, Republican Senator Kevin Priola of Henderson, Republican Mayor John Suthers, Colorado Concern and President of the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce and Industry have announced the bill. They first previewed in March.

Since then, some have changed, The core of the effort remains the same: Leveraging higher and new rates for gasoline, diesel, ride-sharing services, retail orders and electric vehicle registrations to generate about $ 3.8 billion over the next 11 years, about 1.5 billion from the General Fund Combine with a dollar donation. The package is estimated at about $ 5.3 billion.

Fuel cost increases will begin in mid-2022 at 2 cents per gallon and will increase up to 8 cents each year. This is a slight change from the previous version. The latest version applies 30 cents one way for ride-sharing service drivers and 15 cents one way for carpools. Shipping charges for online retail orders are up to 27 cents, up from 25 cents in previous versions.

Sponsors say that each driver will cost about $ 28 in the first year if the package is delivered in its current form. This package pushes one of Colorado’s top priorities to the forefront of state priorities and the future, primarily in electric vehicles and various modes of transportation, to reduce carbon emissions as the state’s population continues. They said it would help them continue to work towards. It grows rapidly.

“This year is the year we will make it happen,” said Senate leader Steve Fenberg, D-Boulder, when he announced the move. Ideally, he and other top Democrats, if the bill is passed and signed, will help bring Colorado back on par with neighboring states in terms of road quality and multimodal transportation. Said more electric vehicle infrastructure that would make the state a national leader in implementation.

Priora is currently the only Republican supporter of the bill, but Republican support is mostly for this year’s transport promotion, which has generally faced severe opposition from almost all Republicans in the last few years. It’s new.

Priora said he was confident that if the package were passed, it would bring jobs to his district, improve roads and “cannot rely on future legislatures” as a sustainable source of funding. ..

Suthers said he often disagrees with the Democratic Party’s actions at the General Assembly, but he does because he believes “Colorado must move forward.” He said Senate Bill 260 was the “best and most supportive” effort he had ever seen.

“I’m a political realist and I understand political compromises,” Suthers said. “And I don’t think there will be good packages coming soon from the legislature or voters. We strongly believe we can’t go any further.”

Kelly Blow, president and chief executive officer of the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce, said the Chamber of Commerce would support the bill to secure more money and invest in the state’s future.

Priora said the TABOR law in Colorado requires residents to vote for a tax increase, so they believe the tariff will be maintained and the new company is the “right path.”

“For decades, our transportation infrastructure has deteriorated and Coloradans is paying the price. From spikes in commuting time to increased vehicle wear, road conditions cost us all a lot. I’m calling, “Priora said in a statement.

Voters have repeatedly rejected ballot questions in recent years that would invest money in state funding to repair roads – Including 2018The measure of borrowing to raise more than $ 3 billion in highway projects was rejected, as was the measure to raise the state sales tax to fund transportation projects.

A conservative group, Americans for Prosperity Colorado, plans to carry out ballot questions in 2022. Gasoline tax In response to the proposal announced on Tuesday, the group told Denver 7 on Monday.

One of the reasons Democrats urged higher tariffs to set new tariffs is that voters haven’t approved a petrol tax hike since 1991. a billion.

“With today’s actions, we have taken an unprecedented step in addressing emissions from the transport sector and advancing the fight against climate change, which poses an existential threat to states and communities,” D-. Westminster Senator Faith Winter said. Of the major sponsors of the bill. “Colorado sets an example as the country takes on the reality that transportation is currently the largest source of emissions.”

Parliamentarians also attended the presentation by representatives of Lyft, SMART Union, the Southwest Energy Efficiency Project, and the mayors of Boulder and Denver.

The first hearing of the bill will take place at the Senate Finance Committee, but the date of the hearing has not yet been scheduled.

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