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President Trump will enter the last day of the president’s resignation in the face of a second impeachment after supporters have begun assaulting the Capitol to thwart the change of power. Still, Trump has no plans to resign and will continue to attack in the last 10 days. Instead, Trump plans to blame the company, which is now denying his Twitter and Facebook loudspeakers. And the aide wants him to spend his last day trumpeting the fruits of his policies, starting with a trip to Alamo, Texas. (AP photo / Evan Vucci)

Colorado — Many Colorado leaders responded after President Donald Trump was impeached by the second unprecedented US House of Representatives.

“Today’s bipartisan vote in the House of Representatives was evidence of the divine responsibility of the legislature to provide a critical check for serious and dangerous abuse of the executive branch. No one is beyond the law. President Clearly needs to be held liable for blaming, violating the inauguration oath, and inciting violent and deadly assaults on the symbolic center of the government.

Without a doubt, there should be no joy to impeach the president. We have a lot to do. Coloradans sent me to Washington to solve important issues such as pandemics, work, health care and climate change. Trump should have resigned and saved the country from this painful movement. “

US Senator John Hickenlooper

“Impeachment is not a tool to be used for violence signals, but that’s exactly what happened this week. Democratic hypocrisy is impeachment, condemnation bills, attempts to remove Article 25 of the Constitution Amendment, and Democrats in the past. It was fully exhibited in other attacks attempting to punish the Republicans with hypocrisy allegations of inciting the type of violence that they have supported very frequently and transparently.

“I voted against today’s impeachment article and yesterday’s 25 A modified coup because these impeachment attempts were not properly exercised, and because more partisan charades are not what our country needs now. Instead of supporting these television exercises, I urged House to reopen the economy and focus on helping American small businesses and working families. “

US House of Representatives Lauren Bobert (CO-03)

“Today’s bipartisan vote in the House of Representatives is an important step in defending our Constitution and reaffirming the rule of law. The president’s instigation of a riot against the U.S. Capitol was a terrible abuse of power. To prevent further lawlessness and maintain democracy, we must confront this type of political violence.

We are a country of law, not a country of men. House did the job. Now the Senate must vote for the conviction. “

US Senator Michael Bennet

“Today’s impeachment vote is a tragedy. In the Democratic Party’s urgent desire to impeach the president, they are willing to trample the Constitution and our political system. I am the individual action that attacked the Capitol. But it is clear that President Trump did not instigate this violence. He clearly called on individuals to speak their voices peacefully and patrioticly. Yet another political ploy by the House of Representatives Democrats, who hate and do their best to silence the voices of millions of Americans who voted for the president. We hope we can unite and move forward together. Democratic impeachment is an obstacle to that effort. I do not vote to impeach the president. “

Congressman Doug Ramborn

“I’m not going to vote to impeach President Trump again. Chair Pelosi held a two-hour debate with members to discuss these rushed impeachment articles. Oath, Witnesses There was no testimony under the regular process of calm deliberations, or hearings of the House Judiciary Committee. Chairman Pelosi’s impeachment process undermines the constitutional process.

The riots that took place at the US Capitol on January 6 were sneaky and non-American. I disagree with the rhetoric of President Trump’s January 6 speech. Anyone who organizes or participates in a riot must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. If we take this violence seriously, we must be aware of the divisive political situation created by the leaders of this country. Republican and Democratic lawmakers must likewise lead the issue by softening divisive rhetoric and encouraging unity. This failed impeachment only incites a flame of fire that is already out of control.

In addition, an investigation should be initiated and a parliamentary hearing should be held to determine liability. We look forward to attending President Biden’s inauguration on January 20th and witnessing and celebrating the change of government that is the foundation of our autonomy system. “

Representative Kenbak (R-Colo.)

“Last week’s attacks on Congress and the US Capitol were aimed at the foundation of our democratic republic itself and the very concept of a change of power. We tried to violate the law or undermine our foundation itself. There are insurmountable boundaries for those who do, and it must be made clear that violators of the law will be held liable. “

“The president continues to abuse and act on power, regardless of law, duties, or dignity towards others. He has no other choice. He must be impeached and dismissed,” Weiser said. Mr. says. “We need to heal as a nation, but accountability must be part of that healing process. When we move forward, we have a common understanding of truth, our democracy. It needs to be rebuilt on the basis of respect for institutions, justice, rule of law, and a collective commitment to work towards a more complete coalition.

Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser

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