Colorado mountain town declares “inalienable” rights for nature – Aurora, Colorado

Aurora, Colorado 2021-07-23 11:57:55 –

Leaders in the mountain town of Nederland, Colorado, have given the surrounding 448-square-mile basin the “basic and inviolable rights” that people and businesses have been given. We are stepping up a growing movement amid concerns that nature is suffering.

A Dutch resolution passed 5-1 on July 6 in a local decision deciding how parents appointed by the court would speak to children, dementia-stricken elders, and pop star Britney Spears. We are instructing town councilors to appoint parents who can talk about nature.

Under current US law, forests, mountains, and rivers lack legal rights, not to mention standing in court.

Proponents insist on conquering nature as a commodity used to meet human demands, The climate gets warmer And they are looking for a new paradigm. However, federal and state law can precede local action, and property rights groups oppose what environmentalists consider to seize moral heights.

For now, the focus of the non-binding resolution of the Netherlands (population 1,600) is simply to facilitate deeper conversations about the impact of population growth and development and to avoid proceedings. Future testing will include new construction in the elk and elk habitat caribouridge plots, and proposals for a new reservoir along Boulder Creek.

“This could be a national movement. We are in the very early stages and we are on track,” said a former publisher and former Fort Collins councilor who led the local effort. Dutch trustee Alan Apt said. “Human needs are important and we want to ensure that we meet the needs of our population. But we also do everything that makes up nature, such as air, water, wildlife and trees. You have to think about it. It’s a matter of survival. “

RJ Sangosti, The Denver Post

Dutch trustee Alan Apt walks along Boulder Creek on July 19, 2021.


When research warns Open space disappears All over the United States Percentage of soccer fields every 30 seconds, Recently elected leaders have passed the rights to the Nature Ordinance in Santa Monica, California. Toledo, Ohio; Grant Township and Tamaqua, Pennsylvania. Mora County, New Mexico; Orange County, Florida.

This concept has been around for decades since its introduction. Article of a law professor half a century ago.. In 1972, the US Supreme Court recognized the potential rights of nature in a proceeding in a federal forest proceeding to deal with the development of ski resorts, and Judge William Douglas disagreed with “protecting the ecological balance of nature. The public’s concern about … appeals to environmental objects for their own preservation. “

The United Nations Convention on Biodiversity, an international treaty, requires leaders around the world to “consider and recognize the rights of nature when appropriate.” In 2019, the Yurok tribe of California granted rights to the Klamath River, and Nez Perce did so last year on the Snake River. The rights of nature are set out in the Ecuadorian Constitution, and Bangladesh in 2019 gave rivers the same legal rights as humans.

Crestone in 2018 became Colorado’s first city to pass a law on the general rights of nature. Dark sky community Controls light pollution.

The Netherlands was the first municipality in Rocky Mountain West to embody the basin, reflecting the essential ecological role of water and the recent victory of the River Conservation Court based on the inherent rights of nature in Colombia and New Zealand. I have passed the measures specified by the target.

Colorado mountain town declares “inalienable” rights for nature Source link Colorado mountain town declares “inalienable” rights for nature

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