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McLean family

Elijah McClain

A committee of experts convened by the Colorado Health Department released a report Wednesday, stating that the sedative ketamine is a “safe drug” when used under certain circumstances, but is a medical hazard. And recommended some steps the state should take to reduce racist consequences.

The panel, chaired by the state’s chief medical officer and including the other seven doctors, is with the police. Then I injected ketamine By emergency medical care before his death in 2019.

Among the many criticisms the city faced in dealing with the McLean case, Found in an external survey Aurora Fire rescuers seemed to “accept the impression of a (police) police officer that Mr. McLean excited delirium,” and therefore the use of the heavy sedative ketamine was justified. “

Panel members were not specifically asked to evaluate McLean’s case, but to investigate whether and how the drug could be safely used in future emergencies. ..

Panel recommendations 126-page report include:

  • Reject “excitatory delirium” as an acceptable excuse for giving someone ketamine.Status Already suspended this excuse in July This is a pre-hospital setting, so if the recommendations are adopted, the current policy will not change.
  • Create a standard dose based on the subject’s body structure (small, medium, large). (External investigators found that McLean, who had a small frame, was given a dose suitable for a person 80 pounds heavier than it really is.)
  • Close monitoring of people who have been carefully treated with ketamine. “All ambulances must include a checklist of actions for proper dosing and monitoring,” the recommendations say.
  • Standardize ketamine practice among all emergency medical service providers through new state-wide surveillance.
  • Analyze if there is an imbalanced use of ketamine “for the marginalized people and the color community of Colorado”.

In summarizing the findings, the panel wrote, “We agreed that ketamine is a safe drug if properly used, properly trained and closely monitored by qualified emergency personnel.”

Colorado panel finds ketamine can be used safely, but recommends new rules Source link Colorado panel finds ketamine can be used safely, but recommends new rules

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