Colorado planning to welcome about 2,000 Afghan refugees through March 2022 – Aurora, Colorado

Aurora, Colorado 2021-09-13 08:00:51 –

Colorado will have up to 2,000 people in the next six months as affordable housing is already a challenge to resettle families who fled Taliban control when the U.S. withdrew its troops last month. Afghan people are expected to arrive.

The crisis has led Colorado people to deploy welcome mats, including Governor Jared Polis. Who told President Biden The state was ready to accept those who had fled the country.

Boulder’s new non-profit organization, Colorado Sanctuary, raised money at Trident Book Cellars & Cafe last week and the proceeds were donated to Denver’s International Relief Team.

Greg Eisenberg, founder of Colorado Sanctuary, said: “I couldn’t do anything anymore.”

During the event, 20-year-old Afghan refugee Mosawes Akbari introduced her mother and three of her five siblings before talking about her family’s arrival in Colorado in July.

The Akbari family applied for a US visa in 2016 and was approved shortly before the Taliban took over. Akbari’s father worked for the US government during the war.

“We were one of the lucky families,” he said. “We’ve come to a good time. Now we’re safe.”

Ndeye Ndao, an asylum outreach coordinator for the Japan Disaster Relief Team in Denver, said her agency plans to accept 500 people from Afghanistan by March. It is on top of people from other countries torn by war, famine and other crises.

“We support ourselves,” Ndao said. “All organizations are working together to see how we can support them.”

Photos from the August mass evacuation from Kabul showed that hundreds of people were pushed into the plane, but their arrival in the United States would have been much more systematic.

is more than 65,000 Afghans evacuated by the United States, But they are housed all over the world, including Europe, the Middle East and Asia. About 24,000 people are waiting at US military bases. The United States expects at least 50,000 people to settle. The process of resettlement of refugees is slow, as refugees are scrutinized for security and classified into various legal statuses for migrants.

In the Denver Rescue Mission, which implements the Refugee Family Assistance Services program, nonprofits are increasing their capacity and budget while waiting for more people to arrive.

“Most people are waiting,” said program manager Jose Kabeya. “Colorado is waiting, but ready.”

The agency helps refugees find a home and receive financial support for their first month’s rent and security deposit. It also provides refugees with furniture and clothing to connect with other resources.

Finding affordable homes in the Denver area is already a challenge. According to Akbari, his family paid about $ 2,000 a month to North Glen’s apartment. Ndao said donations are needed to help families pay their rent.

Most Afghans have been stationed in North Glen and Aurora homes, and others in the country have already settled, Dao said. And most arrive in the United States with little possession. For example, the Akbari family left the entire house with all the furniture and cars.

“It will require a lot of lifting,” Ndao said. “It will cost a lot of money, and it requires a lot of resources.”

Colorado refugee agencies have resettled 346 people this year, 50% from Afghanistan, said Madeline Louvre, a spokeswoman for the Colorado Human Services Department. She added that several evacuees have already arrived in Colorado, including those with families in Colorado.

According to the Louvre, Colorado usually settles about 3% of all refugees coming to the country, but it’s not yet clear how many will come in the coming months.

Colorado planning to welcome about 2,000 Afghan refugees through March 2022 Source link Colorado planning to welcome about 2,000 Afghan refugees through March 2022

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