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Republican primary

Colorado voters categorically rejected Trump supporters in the Republican primary on Tuesday, and they weren’t the only ones.

Utah Break MooreFirst US Congressman who voted for an independent committee to investigate the January 6 riots. Defeated his more extreme challenger..

John curtissModerate Republicans also defeated major enemies from the right.

Stephanie ViceOklahoma parliamentarians who voted to form a committee on January 6, like Moore and Curtis. Won her major bidAs I did Michael Guest, In Mississippi.

Still, Trump had some victories, especially in Illinois.

Mary MillerWas criticized after her declaration The Supreme Court’s decision to have an abortion as a “victory of white life”-a spokesman said she confused her words-winned in Illinois after she was endorsed by Trump. Darren Bailey, People who were also supported by Trump, won State Republican primary.

Rudolph Giuliani’s anti-vax, Trumpite’s son Andrew Giuliani lost his bid to become Governor of New York on Tuesday night.

Like Lee Zeldin, young Giuliani, Support Donald TrumpDefeated the opponent by 19 points and ended the chaotic fire brand campaign by Giuliani who could not catch up with the New Yorker.

One of Giuliani’s last campaign events was marked by his father Claim A supermarket employee assaulted him during a campaign event.

Video footage I showed a man stroking Rudolph Giuliani’s back. Giuliani Sr said he could have been killed. New York City Mayor Erik Adams proposed Giuliani, a friend / lawyer / adviser to Trump’s On Again and Off Again. Should be prosecuted For falsely reporting a crime.

Colorado Republicans have reminded them of their loyalty to the former president and rejected two prominent candidates whose political profile is focused on election falsehoods. Donald Trump’s Lies about mass fraudulent votes are not guaranteed Success with conservative voters, the Associated Press reports:

Tina Peters, Secretary of Mesa County, who later became known nationwide Have been prosecuted Because of her role in the invasion of her own county election system, Lost her bid For the Republican nomination of the Secretary of State of Colorado. Instead, the Republicans chose Pamela Anderson, a former secretary in the suburbs of Denver, who is a critic of Trump’s election lies and is highly regarded among election experts. She is currently in a position to challenge Democratic Secretary of State Jena Griswold.

“I will continue to fight to regain the confidence of Colorado voters in lies and politicians and stakeholders who are trying to arm election administration for political gain,” Anderson said of her victory. I said later.

Ron Hanks, one of Colorado’s top allies in Peters, has lost a bid for the party’s Senate nomination to businessman Joe Odia, who has repeatedly admitted this. Joe Biden Legally won the 2020 election. This was in contrast to Hanks, who attended a rally in Washington on January 6th. Biden does not believe he is a legitimate president and states that he has discovered a new animated objective to combat fraud after 2020.


Hello and welcome to the Guardian’s live coverage of the political news of the day. Here’s what we’re monitoring today:

The Supreme Court is expected today to make decisions that could have a lasting impact on how the United States responds to the climate crisis. The court has considered the amount of electricity that the Environmental Protection Agency needs to regulate greenhouse gas emissions from power plants.

There is also a controversial Trump era policy at the table to send asylum seekers to Mexico while staying in Mexico and waiting for immigration cases to be heard. The Supreme Court will decide whether Joe Biden can end the program. Thousands The number of immigrant candidates who are sometimes in danger across the border with the United States.

later Bomb testimony Despite knowing that Donald Trump had instructed his supporters to march at the Capitol, and many of them were armed, secret services began to recede. Many outlets have report Members of Secret Services are pleased to testify that the elements of the testimony by Cassidy Hutchinson, then White House Chief of Staff, are inaccurate.

Away from Washington, the candidates lined up for Trump in Tuesday’s primary had mixed results. Mary Millar was criticized after her declaration The Supreme Court’s decision to abortion as a “victory of white life” (spokesmen said she confused her words) won in Illinois, and Darren Bailey also won the Republican primary.But other trumpist applicants lost In Colorado.

Colorado rejects radical Trump supporters in Republican primary – Live | US Politics

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