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Denver, Colorado 2021-06-11 08:00:56 –

The Colorado Senator’s Committee considers ethical complaints against one of them, the Colorado Springs Republican Bob Gardner.

According to state records, this is the first such Senate survey since 2011 and only the third in the last 15 years.

Chris Forsyth, a lawyer who claims to be the guard dog of the judiciary, has four clear violations of Gardner’s Senate rules due to statements made at a committee hearing held at the Capitol in January 2019. Insists.

Gardner said that about five or six years ago, when he was serving in the House of Representatives, a colleague who worked in the same Colorado Springs office building where Gardner was practicing the law appeared in front of a senior judge. He said he was approaching him. He shared concerns about the judge’s commentary.

“Then she showed me a writing brush and said,’And I don’t know what to do, but I understand you’re in the legislature,'” Gardner said at a hearing.

“Well, I was able to call the state court administrator,” he continued. “But if my colleague hadn’t shared office space with members of the House Judiciary Committee, she would have faced a motion to evade.”

This would overwhelm state court managers to assign another judge to his colleague’s case, as Forsyth alleged in his complaint. Forsyth also argues that it is not appropriate for a senator, who is also a lawyer, to join the Senate Judiciary Committee and wants him to be removed from the committee and expelled from the Senate.

In an interview Thursday, Gardner called the complaint “ridiculous” and said it was “used for political purposes.”

“There is no benefit. If I was accused of doing what I did and did something wrong, all members of the General Assembly would be guilty of ethical violations,” he said. “I’m wondering why everyone wants public services when I’m explaining to reporters why complaints are groundless when there’s so much else to do.”

Gardner told The Denver Post that he recalled an anecdote shared at the 2019 Commission’s hearing and called the state court administrator on behalf of another lawyer representing the woman in the divorce case. The judge in that case made a sexist statement from the bench, Gardner said. Gardner said he called because he felt the judge needed to be relocated and did not benefit personally or financially.

“As a legislator, I always call the department head,” Hey, I have a member who has an X problem. Why is your department doing something this way, not the other way around? Are you doing that, “Gardner said. “The only thing I get when I make them (phone) and succeed is to build a reputation as an effective legislator for his members.”

Democratic Senate Chairman Leroy Garcia, Democratic Senate Leader Steve Fenberg, and Republican Senate Minority Leader Chris Holbert met earlier this month to discuss whether complaints meet the criteria for progress. According to the nonpartisan Legislative Authority, the standard is that the complaint “proves a worthy or ethical breach.”

“I agree with the president moving forward,” Holbert told Post, but said he could not comment on the details of the case.

A committee of five senators (three Democrats and two Republicans) chaired by Democrat Julie Gonzales will evaluate the case and complete a preliminary investigation within 30 days.

If you take the latter route, they have the authority to take testimony and issue subpoenas.

The Panel has the authority to recommend one of Gardner’s several consequences, from dismissing the case to blaming and expulsion. The 35 members of the Senate will vote for the results if reprimands are recommended.

“I am confident in my Democratic colleagues appointed to the Commission to apply the facts to the rules and the law. I will be exempt,” Gardner said, partisanship inherent in the composition of the panel. He added that he was suffering from superiority. ..

Colorado Republican Sen. Bob Gardner accused of influencing colleague’s court case Source link Colorado Republican Sen. Bob Gardner accused of influencing colleague’s court case

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