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Denver — Colorado small business owners wear many hats, but as Colorado recovers from the pandemic, the “unemployment fraud fighter” takes on a new role. And in some cases, the condition does not make it easy.

“It’s not my job, it’s not my job,” said Brendan Czar Nok, Chief Operating Officer of Centennial’s Root Tree Services, about the fight against unemployment. “That is, this should be a very simple system.”

He’s one of Colorado’s business owners working hard to thwart potentially fraudulent unemployment claims, but he’s run into obstacles from the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment (CDLE).

In the case of Czar Nok, he said he was fired because he did not repeatedly appear in the work submitted for unemployment allowance. Zarnoch wants to challenge the complaint, but CDLE sent a letter of complaint on February 23 and set a deadline for reply on February 24. Zarnoch received the letter on the 25th.

“We didn’t have enough time to respond to the situation,” Zarnoch said, saying he couldn’t contact anyone directly about CDLE’s concerns. “I actually sent the registered mail, so they had to sign it and return it. And now, as of this week, tracking says it’s undeliverable. So I feel like no one is there Reply to the business owner about what is happening. “

Meanwhile, Toni Brock said he owns Aurora’s freight company and has never seen fraudulent unemployment claims in his 24-year business until last month.

“Last month there were six,” Brock said. Her claim comes from people who have never worked for a company. “If you don’t fight them, this money will disappear. Anyone behind this is illegal and there are thieves. So for the state, they probably look at this really well. please.”

Contact Denver7 brought the story of these small businesses to Philip Spesshardt, acting director of unemployment insurance at CDLE.

“The pandemic has given fraudsters an absolute opportunity,” Spesshardt said. “Currently, fraudulently filed unemployment insurance claims are increasing across the platform.”

According to Spesshardt, the software in the MyUI + system may have already flagged fraudulent charges and withheld payments, as more than 50 fraud triggers catch most of the fraudulent charges immediately.

When the employer reports fraud to CDLE, the agency confirms the allegation is fraudulent and shuts it down altogether.

“The problem is that these individuals or these companies don’t know that we may have already closed a significant portion of these claims,” ​​said Spechard. “But we ask our employers to go online and click on the link to report the scam immediately.”

Unless Zarnoch’s daily deadline was met, Spesshardt said it shouldn’t have happened, and it’s being investigated. Meanwhile, CDLE has waived the loss of the right to protest during the pandemic.

“We accept employer information quite overtime as long as we receive it before processing the claim,” he said.

He said Governor Police signed an executive order requiring payment when processing unemployment insurance claims, but they would credit the employer’s account for claims that would later be disqualified.

“We are still processing claims and will eventually adjust the employer’s account,” says Spechard. “So if payments were made to their account in advance and it was finally decided that it was a separation of disqualified work, then everything charged against it would actually be in the employer’s account. Will be credited to. “

Zarnoch wants to be able to contact someone to discuss his issue.

“I want someone to call me and say,’Hey, this is the problem,'” Czar Nok said, noting that these claims could affect everything from insurance premiums to PPP loans. “There are times when people should definitely be unemployed. My concern is that if they auto-approve people, the wrong people, it could actually need it and rob it from those who deserve it. Is that there is. “

Report Click here for CDLE scams.

This page has Online form for reporting fraud, especially for employers.. Click the “I am an employer reporting theft of personal information” button. This puts the claim on hold and prevents the payment of benefits.

CDLE also has a dedicated service line for employers. 303-318-9100 or toll free: 1-800-480-8299

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