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Colorado Springs city council candidate: Mary Elizabeth Fabian – Colorado Springs, Colorado

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Mary Elizabeth Fabian

Mary Elizabeth Fabian, Colorado Springs City Council 5th District

If elected, what are Colorado Springs’ top priorities?

The biggest problems facing my district are the growth gap and the focus on “pet projects”. While I avoid changing the face of some communities, some of my district’s residents are facing a “light industry rezoning” project that is not in line with the vision of the neighborhood. We listen to everyone involved in approving specific zoning changes and encourage development that sustains the culture of the community and its investment while supporting progress. Another example of this disparity is the devastated Otis Park, but other parks in the community have received multiple updates. By engaging, listening and revitalizing the voice of the community, I advocate to the council to stay within budget while meeting the needs of the entire region.

What should the city council do to address the impact of COVID-19?

As a small business owner who spent over $ 2000 in sales tax in 2020, I received a $ 50 check as the only COVID remedy. If additional relief was available, I wouldn’t notice and I’m not alone. This is a good example of support being available but not well communicated. However, the city took most of the CARES dollars and used it for public security. This allowed us to move to the 2021 budget without spending as much as we would expect from the 2020 budget. By implementing this cost-cutting measure, they reduced the costs associated with COVID, but not the costs of citizens. Governments should always look first for opportunities to provide budgetary relief when offering SMEs in our community. I am the owner of a small business in this community and understand these challenges.

What do we need to do to cope with the growth the city is experiencing?

I need more homes and apartments. People working in Colorado Springs don’t have to drive up to an hour from town to find an affordable or available place to live. MLS has recently had less than 300 homes. One answer is innovative considerations for filling, such as checking the zoning of abandoned strip malls that are already along the bus route. Second, it is necessary to continue to encourage responsible development, planning, and zoning and code reviews to make this process effective.

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