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Colorado Springs man on his way to collecting 2 million pop tabs for charity – Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado Springs, Colorado 2021-12-05 22:45:32 –

Colorado Springs — A local man’s mission is to donate to the Ronald McDonald House Charity, which has been actively donating since 2013, making donations in the easiest way through Poptab.

Pop tabs come from soda cans, soup cans, and beer cans. Credit: Brandon Sefrood

Since starting collection in 2013, Charles Chinn has collected over 1.7 million pop tabs and has no plans to stop immediately.

NS Ronald McDonald House A program that helps reduce the financial burden on families with sick children. This is a program that Chin personally experienced.

At an early age, Chin was diagnosed with spinal meningitis. He later had a stroke and had a seizure. During his recovery, Ronald McDonald House was a great help.

Now an adult, Chin wants to help children in need, remembering the impact the organization has had on his life.

Chin said he has a niece who appreciates the idea of ​​donating pop tabs. Credit: Brandon Sefrood

“Please remove the pop tab,” Chin said. “And it helps children.”

Over the years, Chin has been collecting pop tabs from different locations with the help of different people.

“I found them on earth, the minister will help me.”

Rev. Dennis Morse of the New Resurrection Missionary Baptist Church has been actively supporting Chin for some time.

“At first we were trying to reach that million mark, and we achieved that,” Rev. Moses told FOX21. “Now we are about to reach 2 million. Charles told me today, we are at 1,746,000,” Morse said.

Rev. Moses brings a duffel bag full of tabs for Chin to count and donate. Credit: Brandon Sefrood

“I want to fight him because he wanted to do this here to help someone else who is experiencing this,” explained Rev. Moses.

Together, Chin and the church are looking for ways to involve more people in order to reach the goal of donating 200,000 pop tabs.

“By January 1, 2022, we have won 2 million. It will be a blessing.”

Rev. Morse

But even if they achieve that goal, it does not mark the end of Chin’s efforts. Instead, it becomes a stepping stone.

“I’m not going to stop collecting. I’m helping out so I want to make it at least $ 1 million each year,” Chin said.

For more information on Ronald McDonald House, please visit its website. here..

Colorado Springs man on his way to collecting 2 million pop tabs for charity Source link Colorado Springs man on his way to collecting 2 million pop tabs for charity

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