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Colorado to create a statewide recycling program – Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado Springs, Colorado 2022-07-02 01:20:10 –

It focuses on new state legislation aimed at creating state-wide recycling programs, with ongoing efforts to improve recycling throughout the region and state.

Colorado will set up a board of directors next year for a non-profit organization that oversees the state-wide public recycling system.

They plan to fund it by taxing companies that manufacture packaging materials.
However, some companies are concerned about how prices are passed on to consumers.

By all means, Colorado is one of the countries with the lowest recycling rates in the country.

In 2020, Colorado sent 85% of its waste to landfills and the remaining 15% was recycled or composted, according to reports from the non-profit Eco-Cycle and Colorado Public Interest Research Group.
That number is less than half of the national average of 32%.

The new Producer Responsibility Recycling Program, which was enacted at the beginning of June, wants to change that.

The law creates a non-profit organization to manage state-wide recycling programs that anyone can choose to opt in.

Cities with only private recycling options, such as Colorado Springs, may benefit from the recycling rates of cities with low recycling rates.

The state plans to fund the program by taxing companies that manufacture paper and plastic packaging materials.
However, there are some companies that are concerned.

“I don’t think this bill is the answer,” said Jaime Gardner, executive director of the Colorado Consumer Union.

The Colorado Consumer Union is a group of large and small businesses, consumers, and industry groups, who are exempt from payments, how effective the program is, and how their costs cost consumers. Or this is too big to take a step forward.

Gardner went on to say, “Look at all the root causes and just say,’OK, the recycling rate is really low. What can we really do to avoid jumping over sharks?'”

However, local electronic recycling company Bluestar Recycling believes that the benefits and benefits of widespread recycling outweigh the concerns.

Aside from the obvious environmental impacts, local recycling saves taxpayers in the long run if they can keep money in the community and producers can reuse waste and sell it back to businesses. ..

Bill Morris, founder of Bluestar Recycling, said, “When thrown away, nothing good happens, nothing good happens, but recycling only causes all these positive effects.” ..

For a complete description of the new law and the businesses it affects, you can: click here..


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