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Colorado Tourism Office’s new director will stay the course on sustainability, mitigating visitor impacts – Colorado Springs, Colorado

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A veteran of Colorado’s hospitality, Timothy Wolf oversees the Colorado Tourism Board in the same way that the state’s tourism industry is stalling the pandemic’s decline.

“The economic recovery of our industry is essential,” said the Colorado Tourism Board. Roadmap to a two-step, $ 3 million recovery Rekindle the state’s tourism economy. “We are focused on helping the tourism industry recover as soon as possible.”

Wolf replaces Kathy Ritter. Exiled from her six-year position in April According to Pat Myers, the new director of the Colorado Bureau of Foreign Trade.

Wolf recently served as General Manager for both 241 Brown Place and 231 adjacent Holiday Inn Express Downtown Denver. He is a veteran of the state’s most well-known tourism agency. He served on the Board of Directors of Visit Denver, chaired the Colorado Tourism Board twice, and chaired the Board of Directors of the Colorado Hotel and Lodge Association.

While at a mountain destination, he arrives when front-range hotels and tourism businesses are targeting groups and business travelers Lament the record visitor crush.. Wolff said the state’s tourism industry must address the growing challenges surrounding the labor shortages of affordable housing and hospitality industries in mountain communities.

Destination marketing organizations such as the Colorado Tourism Board “must lead,” he said.

A longtime veteran of the Colorado hotel industry, Tim Wolf is the new Secretary-General of the Colorado Tourism Board. (Distribution)

“By building and evolving to meet the needs of the industry, we can show the value of tourism to Colorado residents: the jobs they generate, the taxes they save, and the new dollars they bring to Colorado. “I said in an email. “Tourism is part of Colorado’s strong economy of $ 24 billion, and part of our job at the CTO is to ensure that its benefits are seen and felt in all Colorado states.”

Wolf starts a new job at a crucial moment, unlike his predecessor, who took over the state’s tourism bureau in the same way that the marijuana tourism industry exploded.Colorado’s tourism-dependent business is permanent Significant labor shortage.. State-wide destination management groups (33 locations) are recreating a tourism marketing message from a clear call to all visitors to a campaign to educate them on how to minimize their impact. They are also working with locals to better explain the role of tourism in the local economy.

The transition from marketing to management will benefit both visitors and guests as it balances the benefits of tourism and mitigates the impact of excessive tourism, Wolff said.

“This was a priority before COVID, and the transition to outdoor destinations after COVID accelerated those efforts,” he said. $ 16.8 Million Modular Home Construction Facility In Buena Vista, as an example of the state’s focus on both economic momentum and mitigating the effects of tourism and growth.

Amie Mayhew, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Colorado Hotel and Lodges Association, called Wolf a “very thoughtful leader.” Wolff’s career at the crossroads of hospitality and tourism policy makes him “absolutely the right person to pass this needle in these difficult times,” she said.

“By understanding both the tourism industry and political policy, he really serves as a guide and understands what makes sense for the state and what makes sense for some of these local communities. And you can see the state’s message, which is consistent with what these local DMOs are doing and what the dollar from the state intends to do. “

Mr Wolf said the Colorado Tourism Board will continue to focus on sustainable tourism and the “Colorado Care” principle that grew last year to include a message to both tourists and residents. He said this winter’s “correct Colorado” campaign, which used Colorado influencers to promote masks and social distance, will be expanded to include fire protection and less impactful travel messages.

“NS’Do Colorado correctly“The campaign will evolve according to current needs, such as mitigating overcrowding, properly disposing of garbage, and hiring local guides,” said Wolff, who continues the Colorado Tourism Board. New backcountry safety campaign Promotes safe travel in avalanche terrain.

Richard Schaff, head of visiting Denver, whose board reopening is comparable to Wolff, said Wolff is a “true believer in tourism marketing” working closely with 33 destination marketing organizations in the state. ..

“He understands the importance of the work we do,” Scharf said. “We need someone to get us together and find a common foundation.”

Wolff’s experience managing hotels, including the Brown Palace, provides the management experience needed when a Colorado destination marketing group moves to a tourism management organization, Schaff said.

Recent concerns about backcountry traffic and overwhelming crowds at popular destinations such as Crestet Butte and Telluride require control, Schaff said. He used Glenwood Springs shuttles and reservations to manage traffic on the popular Hanging Lake Trail, as well as parking issues at the Château Apark, as examples of destinations to manage tourism without refusing visitors. Point out innovative programs such as the use of Boulder’s downtown bus to mitigate.

“Tim is a powerful leader and, as they say, you don’t make a general in peacetime. This is a real opportunity for him to tackle administrative issues,” said Schaff.

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Colorado Tourism Office’s new director will stay the course on sustainability, mitigating visitor impacts Source link Colorado Tourism Office’s new director will stay the course on sustainability, mitigating visitor impacts

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