Colorado woman comes forward in daughter’s quest to find 7 strangers her father helped on 9/11 – Denver, Colorado

Denver, Colorado 2021-09-14 16:23:57 –

Courtesy Mercedes Martinez

Emilio Martinez

Joyce Bratt calls Emilio Martinez her guardian angel, her Saint-Emilion.

Bratt, 74, is one of seven strangers who Martinez drove free of charge from Omaha Airport, Nebraska to Denver on September 11, 2001, after the plane landed after the terrorist attacks.

Martinez died in 2016, but his daughter, Las Vegas radio host Mercedes Martinez, I called social media last week Before the 20th anniversary of 9/11, I searched for seven strangers who touched her in the hope that her father’s kindness would be recollected.

When an Emilio Martinez plane from Ohio to Denver landed at Omaha Airport, he rented the largest van he quickly found and scribbled that he was tied to cardboard, giving seven people about 500 miles. Gave it. Go home for free.

“I don’t know what I was expecting, but I think she filled in some stories for me and really gave me some closures,” Mercedes Martinez said on Tuesday. Said after talking to Bratt.

Bratt, who lives in Colorado Springs, heard about his mission to find passengers in Emilio Martinez’s van after his loved one saw the story in the news.

“When we were talking about 9/11 and where we were, I talked to my daughter-in-law just two hours ago, and certainly she saw it shortly after,” Bratt said. Said.

Bratt was flying from Denver to Chicago on that fateful day while visiting his parents when the plane landed. After wandering around Omaha Airport and trying to find a way to get home, all car rentals were booked and the plane wasn’t taking off. Bratt called his deceased husband.

“Literally, I hung up with him and Mr Martinez was holding this sign,” Bratt said. “I can’t explain to anyone how great it was. There’s a guardian angel there.”

Bratt said people began to flock to Martinez and his sign, and soon she began chasing him into his van with another woman and five men.

“I never had the feeling that I should or shouldn’t,” Bratt said. “It was just a miraculous moment for all of us.”

Upon entering the van, Martinez listened to National Public Radio and passengers began to learn more about terrorist attacks, Bratt said. Bratt said the tranquility had fallen onto the car and the woman next to her began to tremble.

“Everyone was just sitting there, numb,” Bratt said.

As minutes and hours passed, Blutt eventually said that people began to share the details of their lives.

“Do you remember their name and what they said 20 years from now? No,” Bratt said with a laugh. “I’m lucky if I remember what I ate for lunch yesterday.”

They stopped for a break in the bathroom, filled with gas, and everyone got snacks and drinks for the rest of the drive, Bratt said.

Colorado woman comes forward in daughter’s quest to find 7 strangers her father helped on 9/11 Source link Colorado woman comes forward in daughter’s quest to find 7 strangers her father helped on 9/11

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