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Colorado woman warns parole board about repeat offender months before striking again – Colorado Springs, Colorado

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Colorado — A Colorado man is being tried for brutally attacking and nearly killing his girlfriend in Utah.

John Sharkey will be tried just months after serving 10 years for committing about the same crime involving another ex-girlfriend in Colorado Springs, and the domestic violence case involving Sharkey Not just these two.

Tara Loo first met Sharkey at Cheyenne Mountain High School. After graduating, I went on a different path and reconnected on Facebook a few years later. Tara was divorced and was the mother of two girls.

After a month of dating, Sharkey moved, but the couple began fighting and Lou told Sharkey to move. Hours later, on December 12, 2009, Loo was brutally attacked by Sharkey.

“He said you were a silly mom anyway, and I went too far and I would have to kill you,” Lou said.

According to court documentsSharkey hit Lou for hours, strangled, stabbed, and died until he lost consciousness. Lou survived and was able to escape the danger, but not the memory left behind.

“He was sentenced to 10 years for assault on me. He was on probation at the time, so he was sentenced to another 6 years in addition to 10 years from the incident in Gunnison.” Loo explained.

Just three years before Lou’s attack, Sharkey allegedly handcuffed, drugged, beaten, and raped another girlfriend in Gunnison, Colorado. Sharkey qualified for parole, Lou opposed his release.

“The last thing I said to them was,” If you allow this parole and he goes out again, he either kills someone or God forbids anyone to kill, it’s yours. It will be in your hands, “Lou said.

In a statement about the impact on victims, Lou told Sharkey, “Whatever you need to do to make the most of your time in prison and not hurt anyone again, better and smarter. I will do it. “

However, after 10 years of service, Sharkey was granted parole in 2020, despite Loo’s plea.

“I don’t think the days I didn’t expect have passed. Will it be the day I get a call and find out that he has killed or hurt someone?” Lou said.

It didn’t take long on January 26, 2021. Sharkey was arrested for the third time in Utah.. He faces a total of nine accusations, including worsening kidnapping, worsening assault, and intimate image distribution.

In a recent preliminary hearing His survivor issued a statement Description of the attack Sharkey said she tried to rape her, throwing eggs, beating, urinating, and choking until she lost consciousness.

Tony Baird, Deputy Prosecutor of Cache County, Utah, said:

After she recently posted a statement about the impact on the victim, Loo’s friend contacted her to inform her about the Utah incident.

“I said this would be the case, but I don’t want to hear from victims who know the perpetrators best, know them best, emotionally and know their behavior,” Lou said. Said.

However, Utah prosecutors face potential challenges.

“Victims have been struggling, abused and assaulted, but they still have feelings for the perpetrators. In this particular case, she was ex-swearing according to the affidavit she filed with the defense movement. Withdrawing certain aspects of the report. Her officers, “Baird said.

Despite this latest development, prosecutors believe there is sufficient evidence to proceed with the proceedings, and Loo hopes to do so.

“Abusive people abuse-it’s so deeply rooted that their behavior doesn’t change-it gets worse and doesn’t get better over time,” Loo said.

A hearing will be held on 22 June to address the latest allegations filed by the defense. No trial date has been set, but he faces life imprisonment if convicted.

If you or someone you know is dealing with a similar situation of domestic violence, you are not alone. The· National Domestic Violence Hotline It can be reached at 1-800-799-SAFE.

Colorado woman warns parole board about repeat offender months before striking again Source link Colorado woman warns parole board about repeat offender months before striking again

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