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Denver, Colorado 2021-01-13 17:45:05 –

Denver – A member of the U.S. Congress in Colorado voted on a party line to impeach President Trump for the second time on Wednesday – this time after his supporters rioted the U.S. Capitol last week and went out of control. I voted for the only article on “Impeachment of the Rebellion.”

All three Republicans in Colorado voted against Trump’s impeachment, while ten Republicans in other states voted for impeachment across political parties. The impeachment article passed House 232-197.

The only article on the impeachment is that when Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi decides to send it, she is currently adjourning to the Senate, which is adjourned until January 19.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, D-Kalifu, nominated Colorado Democrats Diana Degette and Joe Negse on Tuesday as one of nine impeachment managers to present the House case in the Senate trial.

“In this country, no one, even the President, is beyond the law. To protect our democracy by filing our proceedings against President Trump in the Senate. I’m honored to ask me to help. In a post-voting statement, Mr. Pelosi has more responsibility than upholding the Constitution by making President Trump fully responsible for inciting a rebellion against the government. I can’t think of it. “

Republican Rep. Ed Perlmutter was one of the “most solemn” of his career in post-attack parliament last week, which is why he began to vote for impeachment of Trump again. Said.

“Even if President Trump has only seven days left, he must always ensure that he maintains, protects, and defends the US Constitution, as required by his oath of office. He has shown unreliable and unreliable support for his oath. He has hurt the Constitution and hurt America, “said Pearl Matter. “Each of us has a responsibility to reduce the threat of continued violence against fellow Americans and to enable the government to make a peaceful transition. Therefore, I once again impeached Donald Trump. I will vote for. “

Prior to the vote on Wednesday afternoon, some Colorado House lawmakers spoke on the floor during the impeachment debate, vowing why they supported or opposed impeachment again.

Negz said he voted for impeachment in the encouragement of Trump’s riots last week, killing five people, including police officers, and said his actions “cannot be unanswered by the agency.”

Congressman Joe Neguse says he supports the second impeachment

“If Congress doesn’t act, if we diminish from our constitutional responsibility to protect the Republic, as Abraham Lincoln eloquently said many years ago, it’s arguably the last, highest hope of the planet. Will undermine America’s vision as a nation, “Negz said. “So I hope that the millions of Americans we see today will understand that we are on this path from our love for our country.”

Deget said he was hiding in the house gallery, giving a speech, hearing gunshots in the speaker’s office, hearing a mob knocking on the door of the room a week ago, and accusing President Trump of rioting instigation. It was.

Congressman Diana Degette says she will vote to impeach President Trump

“It’s clear that the president didn’t learn anything last year,” she said. “Yesterday, the president again said he did nothing wrong. This man is dangerous. He went against the Constitution. He instigated incitement, so he must be taken away. Hmm. We all pledged to uphold the Constitution on January 3rd. We must respect that pledge. “

Rep. Jason Crow (D-Colorado) criticized Republicans who did not vote for impeachment in a tweet. He courageously voted for Republicans in a speech on the floor, calling for impeachment of the president.

“Last week I stood in the gallery and protected this room from the violent mob called here by Donald Trump. I have devoted my life to the defense of our country, And Donald Trump is dangerous to everyone I love, “Crow said. “Some of my Republican colleagues are afraid of the consequences of the impeachment vote, but this parliament sends our young men and women to war every day. I ask you to attack the beaches of Normandy. I haven’t asked, but it shows just a small part of the courage we seek from our army every day. Leadership is difficult. It’s time to impeach. “

Perlmutter did not speak before the vote on Wednesday, but said he supported the impeachment by calling what happened last week at the House of Representatives Parliamentary Procedures Committee on Tuesday a “nightmare.” Perlmutter said Trump “damaged America” ​​and that the riots from Wednesday were one of the only reasons he led him to support such a dramatic move. Stated.

All Colorado Republicans spoke in either the floor or Wednesday’s statement in opposition to the impeachment of Trump and worked to compare the previous impeachment with the current impeachment. They also opposed the certification of electoral colleges and continued to seek “unification” despite some of the same members who publicly rejected Joe Biden’s statutory elections.

Republican Rep. Ken Bach used floortime to explain why he felt the latest impeachment investigation was comparable to the first accused Democrats who brought the country to this point.

Congressman Kenbak says he will vote against the impeachment

“I heard that President Trump has intensified the rioters who attacked the Capitol,” Mr. Buck said. “And I don’t think we need to look any further than ourselves to know what happened and see history. Americans know that the FBI is investigating the Trump campaign. I was frustrated. “

Republican Rep. Lauren Bobert also said on the floor that Democrats were hypocritical and mistakenly compared the violence from last week’s riots with last summer’s Black Lives Matter protest.

Congressman Lauren Bobert says he will vote against President Trump’s impeachment

“Where is the accountability for the Left after encouraging and normalizing violence? At this time, instead of actually helping Americans, we will begin impeachment to further divide the country,” she said.

Republican Rep. Doug Ramborn called the impeachment vote a “tragedy” in a statement, claiming that Trump “did not incite this violence,” and Trump “individually peacefully and patrioticly their voice. I asked him to let me know. ” It was only part of his speech on January 6, but he also repeatedly urged his supporters to “fight” and “us” Congressional efforts to recognize Biden as the winner of the election. A terrible attack on democracy. “

“We hope we can unite and move forward together, but the impeachment of the Democratic Party is an obstacle to that effort. I will not vote to impeach the president,” Lambourn said.

After Pelosi sent the article to the Senate, questions remain as to whether it is constitutional to dismiss the president after he is absent.

Senate leader Mitch McConnell, Republicans, said Wednesday that he would not return the Senate early and postpone the trial until the end of the inauguration on January 20.

The trial is likely to move forward, but there remains a constitutional question as to whether the Senate will be convicted after Mr. Trump’s absence and will never be in public office.

Biden swore on January 20, and two new Democratic Senators in Georgia can sworn at any time after Georgia proved the election results for the entire state. The state must do so until January 22, and if the results are proven, Senators can give the Democrats a tie in the Senate and can be endorsed by the new Vice President Kamala Harris.

Both Colorado senators Michael Bennet and John Hickenlooper of the Democratic Party said they supported the impeachment.

Bennett reiterated his belief that the Senate should vote for the conviction after the vote on Wednesday.

“Today’s bipartisan vote in the House of Representatives is an important step in defending our Constitution and reaffirming the rule of law. The president’s instigation of a riot against the U.S. Capitol was a terrible abuse of power. We must confront this type of political violence to prevent further lawlessness and maintain democracy, “Bennet said in a statement. “We are a country of law, not a country of men. House did the job. Now the Senate must vote for the conviction.”

Colorado’s U.S. House members vote on party lines as Trump is impeached a second time Source link Colorado’s U.S. House members vote on party lines as Trump is impeached a second time

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