Colton Underwood Supports Chris Harrison on “Bachelor’s Departure”

I have his back Colton Underwood Hope to be a former bachelor’s degree moderator on social media Chris Harrison Good About future activities after leaving the company From the franchise.

Underwood, 29, captioned Harrison’s photo on Tuesday, June 8th in Instagram Stories. I can’t wait to see what you’ll do next. !! “

Colton Underwood’s Instagram story. Courtesy: Colton Underwood / Instagram

Season 23 leads come on the same day. Weekly Confirmed Permanent withdrawal from Harrison franchiseThe host reached an eight-digit settlement hours after ABC. Katie ThurstonSeason 17 Premier Bachelorette Broadcast on Monday, June 7th.

Early on Monday, Underwood posted and deleted another message in favor of Harrison. Taisia ​​Adams And Caitlin Bristow Started the gig as a co-sponsor of Season 17..

“What a man. What a master. A former professional football player, he captioned a video that was deleted via Instagram Stories on Monday.

Colton Underwood Supports Chris Harrison in Controversial Bachelor's Departure

Colton Underwood and Chris Harrison. Matt Baron / Shutterstock; AFF-USA / Shutterstock

Withdrawal from Harrison’s hosting business Bachelor Comes after controversial comments about Contestants in Season 25 Rachel Carconelof Racist claimsFirst headlined in February, Matt JamesThe season was still on the air.

During the interview with bonus At that time, Harrison said: Rachel Lindsay The need for “compassion” for the competitors that the participants follow Racist-free photos resurfaceSubsequent host Faced a backlash against his choice of words And He then publicly apologized..

“I’ve been listening to the pain caused by my words for the last few days, and I’m deeply remorseful. My ignorance has hurt my friends, colleagues, and strangers as well. “I’m not responsible for what I say in my own way,” he wrote on Instagram in February. “I set my own standards, but I don’t meet them. I don’t. I feel it in every fiber of my existence. Now, just as I taught my children to stand up and take responsibility for themselves, I do the same. “

The statement continued: “I defended it by allowing historic racism. I used the phrase” awakened the police, “which is unacceptable. I am ashamed that I was ignorant. I was very wrong. “

Originally from Texas, he concluded that he would “set aside for a period of time and not participate in the After the Final Rose Special.” Harrison added, “We are devoted to educating at a deeper and more productive level.”

rear Emmanuel Acho Hosted After the last rose MarchHarrison was replaced by Adams (30 years old) and Bristow (35 years old). Season 17 Bachelorette.. We Then make sure Harrison isn’t coming back to Season 7 Bachelor of Paradise,instead of Rotation Selection of Celebrity Guest Hosts Including David spade..

Underwood and Harrison have previously shown support for each other. Perfect letter Author Send public encouragement Former NFL star After coming out to be gay in April..

Harrison posted on Instagram following an interview with “I’m very proud of @coltonunderwood today.” Good morning, America“I’m glad to see you stand up and live your truth frankly. You have my love and support my friends.”

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Colton Underwood Supports Chris Harrison on “Bachelor’s Departure”

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