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Take part in this week’s Colts-49ers prime-time match and take a look ahead of Sunday Night Football, including Jonathan Taylor’s appearance as an elite running back and DeForest Buckner’s return to San Francisco. JJ Stankebits

1. Jonathan Taylor continues to prove his position as a running back elite.

We were one-third of the 2021 NFL season and, to our surprise, inside the Indiana Farm Bureau Football Center, Jonathan Taylor has established itself as one of the best running backs in the NFL.

Entering the seventh week, Taylor looks like this:

3rd place in the number of yards per touch of the running back (6.7) 3rd place in the lashing yard after contact per trial (3.8) 5th place in the explosive running play (13) 6th place in total of the lashing yard 472 Per carry 7th in the number of yards (5.4)

He has played more than 76 yards twice and has become the first Colts player to play since 2017 with a 76-yard touchdown on the screen with the Baltimore Ravens. A franchise record as the longest play in Lancolts history at 83 yards with the Houston Texans a week later.

“He does it not only in run games, but also in pass games. That makes him so special, so he’s one of the best backers in the league because he’s explosive.” Backer Darius Leonard said. Said. “He goes out and no one catches him.”

Taylor is an integral part of Colts’ attack-he can grind his first down in sprint situations, hit a home run from anywhere on the field, and become a dangerous weapon as a pass catcher from the backfield. And in his second year at the NFL, Taylor focused on doing whatever he could to stay on the field in the grind of the 17-game season.

“He’s always in the training room and understands what his role is, so he always has some kind of machine in his body to make sure he’s taking care of him,” Leonard said. Said. “… he knows he can’t play as a bystander.”

Taylor has put a lot of effort and focus on “prefabs”. So Taylor spends a lot of time in the Colts training room, even if he’s not injured.

“I live in a training room, and I’m always there, even if I’m not injured,” said wide receiver TY Hilton. “Look to the left and you’ll see (Taylor) working.”

Having that dedication to the “prefab” was one of the more spectacular things Taylor experienced going from college to the NFL.

“Especially in college, we associate training rooms as negative. We don’t want to be in training rooms,” says Taylor. “But I’m here and talking to many other veterinarians. Most of the time, people in the training room are trying to prefab, prevent further injuries, or strengthen certain areas of weakness. Yes, it’s a ligament or a joint. What I’ve definitely learned last year and this year doesn’t necessarily mean that the training room is in a bad place. “

All these efforts have helped Taylor get promoted to elite status in the NFL’s running back. His speed, toughness, vision, versatility and credibility are a great combination, as Colts believed in those characteristics.

“We all saw it during the training camp,” said aggressive coordinator Marcus Brady. “I know he’s taking the next step. The confidence he had when running the ball during the training camp made him look really sharp. He looked really good. His The cut was decisive, made the defender miss and only his understanding. Attack. He can be said to be able to play faster. “

2. Does bad weather affect the game?

As of Friday afternoon, Sunday’s description of the Weather Channel includes: “Flood potential … 1-2 inches of rain is expected.” The wind will be strong and wet-there are few conditions that will help you throw the ball.

“The predictions aren’t good,” said Frank Reich. “We talked about it all week. We did a lot of wet ball drills and did a good job. Yesterday was a great day for practice. Very refreshing and today for practice It’s raining. I understand what they’re doing. ”Again, again, it’s going to be a lot worse than yesterday and today, but the players are wet not just for the day, but for the whole week. I think I’ve done a lot with the ball. We are as ready as possible. “

Colts practiced Friday outdoors on a rainy afternoon in Indianapolis, and practiced Thursday in some refreshing situations. They conveniently helped dial some rules for the player when they entered the field in the flooded bay area on Sunday.

However, rain and wind do not necessarily push Colts to focus on running the ball on Sunday.

“I think we need to adapt and adjust in-game. We need to get a feel for it,” Reich said. I think it’s still thrown. Obviously, I’ve coached and played in many bad weather games, so I feel like I have some experience with it. I think we have a good, strong armed quarterback, we still have the right kind of player to mix it in. However, depending on the wind and the direction of the wind, you need to make these small adaptations during the game. “

3. Is DeForest Buckner a little extra for the previous team?

DeForest Buckner will face the 49ers for the first time since being traded to the Colts in exchange for the first round of the draft last year.

“That’s a bit personal,” laughed Buckner.

Buckner was the 49ers’ first round pick in 2016, winning 28 1/2 sack in four seasons in the San Francisco. He was a 2018 professional bowler and won a 1 1/2 sack in the Super Bowl LIV. This was the last match against the 49ers.

But when talking about how he feels on Sunday night, he said it in the best possible way: “I don’t know.”

“I think life will go around. I don’t know,” Buckner said. “I definitely don’t know how I feel when I get out there and out in the field. It’s probably a mix of emotions, you know what I’m saying Is that where I started my family there I got the opportunity to play this game at the highest level possible. They drafted me. That for the four years I was there. I put my heart and soul into the organization. It will be interesting. “

But now, more than a year away from the puncture wounds that Buckner is trading, he doesn’t want to prove that his old team is wrong. Instead, he wants to prove that his current team has the right to invest and believe in himself.

“Last year I changed that view a bit,” Buckner said. “It was certainly an early stage. I changed my mind a little to prove to Indianapolis Colts why they paid me. I did everything myself and put my heart into it. Pour your soul into this organization and show them why they decided to choose me. “

4. Who is in and who is out?

We already know that Colts is not safe. Julian Blackmon (Achilles), Braden Smith on the right tackle (foot / thumb), Kemoco Toray on the defensive end (groin), Jordan Wilkins on the running back (non-soccer illness), Rock Ya-Sin on the cornerback Shin (ankle) Sunday. However, there are two major decisions that are imminent before the match. One is whether wide receiver TY Hilton (Quad) will play, and the other is whether the left guard Quentunson (ankle) will be active from the disabled list.

Hilton didn’t practice this week and is officially suspicious of the injury he suffered in the fourth quarter of Colts’ 31-3 victory over the Houston Texans in the sixth week.

“He’s probably unlikely to go, but I’m not going to rule it out yet,” Reich said. “I want to talk to him tomorrow, but let’s see how he feels tomorrow. He pushed a little today to see if he was nearby. TY, so wait another day before the final Make a decision. “

Nelson missed the last three Colts games in the third week due to an ankle injury to the Titans. These are the first matches I missed in his NFL career. Reich said he was “very optimistic” about Nelson’s availability on Sunday night and that the decision to activate him from the disabled list will be made over the weekend.

When the Nelson returns to the 49ers, Colts begins a rotation with the right guard between Mark Glowinski and Chris Reed. Chris Reed was a good substitute for Nelson on the left guard in the 4th-6th week.

On the 49ers side, defensive harnesses Jabon Kinro and Maurice Hurst are out with quarterback Trey Lance. And left tackle Trent Williams is suspicious of ankle / elbow injuries and will monitor his status until match time.

5. Jimmy Garoppolo will be launched for 49ers and several other observations in San Francisco.

You won’t win a Bison Off between Carson Wentz’s former North Dakota quarterback and Reims. This is because Reims (3rd overall in the 2021 NFL Draft) is competing with a knee injury. The 49ers will return to veteran Jimmy Garoppolo, who suffered a calf injury in the fourth week, but it’s good to follow San Francisco’s Byweek.

Garoppolo completed 66% of his passes in four games at 925 yards (7.8 yards / attempt), achieving five touchdowns, two interceptions and a 96.9 passer rating.

Two players to keep an eye on Sunday (one on each side of the ball):

Wide receiver Deebo Samuel This year is one of the NFL’s most explosive players-he and Taylor are the only NFL players to play more than 76 yards in the seventh week. Samuel leads the 49ers with 52 targets, 31 catches, 548 yards and 3 touchdowns. With the tight-end George Kittle on the injured list, Samuel looks like a bigger part of the 49ers air raid. Defensive End Nick Bosa With six quarterback hits and five bags in five games, both are in the top ten of the pass rushers this season.

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