Colts vs. Texans, Week 6 – Baltimore, Maryland

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Which player can help your fantasy team in the sixth week when Colts plays against the Houston Texans at Lucas Oil Stadium? JJ Stankebits

(Weekly position ranking from FanDuel, ranked as of Saturday.)

QB Carson Wentz

»FanDuelWeek 6 Position Rank: QB18

»Texans vs. QB: 19th (20.1 FanDuel Fantasy Points / Game)

»2021 Season: 82.2 FanDuel Fantasy Points

Wentz recorded a 402-yard career against the Baltimore Ravens in the fifth week and is currently playing a series of games with over 115 passer ratings. The Texans finished 25th in the NFL’s sixth week with allowed transit yards per play (7.7), but Lovie Smith’s defense is fifth, with six intercepts this season.

RB Jonathan Taylor, Nyheim Hines, Marlon Mack

»FanDuelWeek 6 Position Rank: Taylor RB7, Hines RB39, Mac RB47

»Texans vs. RB: 18th (20.1 FanDuel Fantasy Points / Game)

»2021 Season: Taylor 70.4FanDuel Fantasy Points; Hines 25.2FanDuel Fantasy Points, Mac 9.3FanDuel Fantasy Points

Taylor’s 76-yard touchdown on the 5th week screen pass set the tone for the big week from the 2nd year running back. He hurriedly added a touchdown and had 169 yards in 18 touches. Hines saw his production depressed in the last two games (8 touches, 29 yards), but Mack is productive with the same stretch at 69 yards with 15 carries.

WR Michael Pittman Jr., Zach Pascal, TY Hilton

»FanDuelWeek 6 Position Rank: Pittman WR28, Pascal WR60, Hilton WR70

»Texans vs. WR: 5th place (18.6 FanDuel fantasy points / game)

»2021 Season: Pitman 43.3 Fan Duel Fantasy Points, Pascal 38.4 Fan Duel Fantasy Points, Hilton 0.0 Fan Duel Fantasy Points

Sunday’s story is how Colts uses the activated Hilton from the injured list on Saturday. But don’t miss the continued emergence of the Ravens as a top-wide receiver-he’s moving at the pace of the 99 receptions this season, using his size and strength for the fifth week. Worked on a 42-yard touchdown to the Baltimore Ravens.

TEs Jack Doyle, Mo Ally Cox

»FanDuelWeek 6 Position Rank: Doyle TE 25, Alie-Cox TE27

»Texans vs TE: 32nd place (16.9 FanDuel fantasy points / game)

»2021 Season: Doyle 12.3 FanDuel Fantasy Points, Alie-Cox 24.4 FanDuel Fantasy Points

Doyle’s Interesting Nuggets: The average number of yards per reception has increased each year since 2017 (8.6, 9.4, 10.4, 10.9, 11.2) and has been declining recently, but Carson Wentz’s favorite target throughout the season. I expect to be one of them. However, Alie-Cox put together two solid games, making six catches at 92 yards and two touchdowns to Dolphins and Ravens.

Colts Defense / Special Team

»FanDuelWeek 6 Position Rank: D / ST1

The Texans quarterback Davis Mills had a higher passer rating in the fifth week (141.7) than Lamar Jackson (140.5), but the Van Duel people clearly said Colts’ defense rebounded significantly after Monday night. I’m hoping to do it. Colts removed the defensive touchdown from the board when officials overturned Darius Leonard’s Isaiah Rodgers in the fifth week.

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