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Columbus, Ohio (WCMH) — A 45-year-old woman was found dead in a 2000-block home on Jane Avenue. Columbus police.

Police responded to a call for shooting at 2:24 on Sunday morning and found Tearika L. Cradle suffering from a gunshot wound.

The· Columbus city I have confirmed that the cradle works in the building and zoning services department.

According to a city spokesperson, Cradle began his career in recreation and parks and then moved to civil servants before joining buildings and zoning.

“She worked in the city for nearly nine years. It was a very sad day,” he said.

The cradle was the subject of the City Employee Spotlight posted on YouTube in May 2018.

It was her role as the coordinator of the city’s Restoration Academy that her family said she had a lot of life. This program, now called Edge, helps people involved in the judicial system get a job and turn their lives around.

In a YouTube video, Cradle shares that she was once a candidate for the program, and that’s how she started her in the city.

Travis Hilton was at the academy when Cradle was running the program. She said she inspired him because she experienced the program herself before becoming a coordinator.

“She was a role model,” Hilton said. “In my opinion, she was mostly a beacon for the program. It was just nice to see someone in her background still able to succeed against everything.”

Cradle talked about how people go through the program.

“I’m a mother of two and have beautiful grandchildren,” she says in the video. “I can leave the office every day and go see him. I love to laugh, I love to go out and interact with family and friends. I love work, here in Columbus I also love what I do in the city. “

Stephanie Galloway was working in the city when she came to know the cradle. Cradle also helped Galloway’s cousin through the Academy.

“Her position was a coordinator, but she was a sister, a counselor, a mother, and whatever people needed,” Galloway said.

Many of Cradle’s friends, family and colleagues said they would not only change people’s lives, but also make Columbus a better place and do everything they could to help someone else. ..

“Tika has influenced so many people,” Galloway said. “Looking at an individual, she can say that she gave this person a job and helped him maintain employment, but what she actually did was the quality of life here in Columbus. It ’s about improving. ”

The Medic arrived and declared the cradle dead at 2:34 am.

Witnesses told police that the suspect had left the scene with a dark-colored SUV.

For more information, please call the Columbus Police Department (614-645-4730) or the Central Ohio Crime Stopper (614-461-TIPS (8477)).

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