Comcast’s Sky Launches Streaming TV in the UK

Sky Group CEO Dana Strong at the time of Sky Glass is a new streaming TV with built-in Sky.

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London- Comcast European pay TVs that offer Sky have launched a smart TV called Sky Glass.

According to Sky, the product will allow customers to stream Sky TV and other content over the Internet without the need for Sky Q set-top boxes or satellite dishes.

This is the biggest hardware announcement since it was announced by Sky, which competes with Netflix and Amazon for content. Acquired by Philadelphia-based Comcast in 2018 For $ 39 billion.

The television, unveiled at an event in London on Thursday, will be available in the UK from October 18th, before it goes on sale in other European markets next year.

“Sky Glass is a streaming TV with Sky built-in, providing a complete integration of hardware, software and content,” Sky Group CEO Dana Strong said in a statement.

After the launch of the Apple TV and Amazon Fire dongle, the TVs will be available in five colors and three sizes: small 43 inches, medium 55 inches, and large 65 inches.

In the UK, the minimum option price is £ 13 per month ($ 17.70), the medium option price is £ 4 per month and the largest option is £ 8. You can also buy it completely for £ 649, £ 849 and £ 1,049 respectively.

One caveat is that customers will have to pay an additional fee of at least £ 26 a month to access Sky content from their TVs.


Other services such as Netflix, Disney +, BBC iPlayer, Peloton, and Spotify can also be accessed from the TV, Sky said.

The Skyglass, which can be turned on by saying “Hello Sky,” has a 4K Ultra HD screen that displays over a billion colors, the company said.

Comcast CEO Brian Roberts said in an interview with Sky News on Thursday that it was an “aggressive” move rather than a defensive move.

Sky Glass is “all the technology Comcast and Sky have been working on for over a decade,” Roberts said.

“All the wiring is gone. All the boxes are gone. You can talk. You know what you want to see. You’ll see it right away. You can switch from music to exercise, TV, and news.”

Skyglass camera

According to Sky, a new 4K smart camera that supports chat, games and workouts will be available for Skyglass in 2022.

“The end of the TV set-top box is finally here,” PP Foresight’s technology, media and telecom analyst Paolo Pescatore told CNBC.

He said the prospect of getting a premium sky experience without a satellite dish would make the service “much more sticky” to the home.

Sky’s high margins open up new revenue opportunities, Pescatore said, adding that Sky has the opportunity to introduce “dual and triple play bundles” that include high-speed fiber and gigabit connectivity.

“Given Sky’s dominance on television and its position as an aggregator for major streaming services, it’s difficult for rivals to compete head-on,” Pescatore said.

In recent years, some consumers have postponed the purchase of TVs with too much software, as hardware can struggle to keep up with software updates that require more processing power.

Sky Glass is built for other carriers and subscription TV operators to syndicate and deploy, Sky said.

Foxtel Group, an Australian subscription TV company, added that it will be the first syndication partner.

Disclosure: Comcast owns CNBC’s parents NBC Universal and Sky.

Comcast’s Sky Launches Streaming TV in the UK

Source link Comcast’s Sky Launches Streaming TV in the UK

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