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September 23, 2021

If you make a local call in Hawaii after October 24th, you must include the 808 area code and phone number to make the call.

According to a Thursday press release from Hawaiian Telcom, the change was prompted by the Federal Communications Commission’s adoption of an order approving “988” as a three-digit code to reach the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. .. It started on July 16th.

Hawaii is one of 36 states that use the 988 prefix and you need to move to a 10-digit dial for local calls.

The FCC’s mandate states that all carriers, including Hawaiian Telcom, interconnected Voice over Internet Protocol providers, and one-way VoIP providers, will be able to dial 988 to reach their lifelines. You need to make the necessary network changes.

“If you don’t dial 10 digits, you may hear a recording telling you that you can’t complete the call exactly as you dialed,” the press release said.

Safety and security equipment (medical alarm and surveillance equipment, alarms, security systems, gates, etc.) must be programmed to use a 10-digit dial by October 24 to avoid interruptions.

Other devices and services that may need to be reprogrammed include:

  • Private branch exchange
  • Fax machine
  • Internet dial-up number
  • Speed ​​dialer
  • Radiotelephone contact list
  • Call transfer settings
  • Voicemail service and other similar features

Changing the dial does not change call charges, coverage areas, or other charges or services.

Callers can continue to dial 1, area code, and phone number for all long-distance calls.

Also, emergency calls such as 211 and 911 only require these three digits.

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