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Comeaux pulls off huge district win over Lafayette High | High Schools – New Orleans, Louisiana

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Javier Harson of Como entered the match with a 27-yard field goal at Lafayette High on Friday at 5:49 pm, with Sparta’s defense led by senior Zylon Paul winning 31-29. rice field. Here’s how it went down:

What’s wrong

After Lafayette High turned a two-point conversion into a one-point lead in the fourth quarter, Como coach Eric Holden said he had told the team not to panic.

“I told them not to worry about one score,” Holden said. “We knew we could do it. We were ready and confident we could get it done.”

Como’s Sean Malvo led his team under and within the field. Javier Harson lined up a 27-yard field goal and launched it.

After that, Como Defense took the field and ended the Mighty Lions comeback attempt. Zylon Paul had two keystops in the backfield on his last possession, Sparta ran the clock on the attack and ended the game with the formation of victory.

Back and forth

Lafayette High maintained a 21-14 lead in half-time, and without the costly Como sales, the game would probably have been a draw. Como tied the game headlines to the fourth quarter with Treyven Paddio’s 3-yard touchdown run.

The padio finished the night with a rush and score of 73 yards, and Sean Malvo threw 278 yards. Alex Lynnzer made one catch that night with a 74-yard touchdown, but Holden said he was happy to see Sparta enjoying the team’s victory.

“Everyone told me that if (Linzer) doesn’t catch all the football, he can’t win the football match,” Holden said. “He caught it once tonight and it was a big one.

“Then everyone else caught the ball and we ran it. The padio was great and the quarterbacks were off. Sean controlled the game and performed like a veteran veteran. Did.”

Defensive advantage

Zylon Paul was not the only one to strengthen the defense. Tawaski Williams made some important stops in the second half of the fourth quarter and the defense front did not allow much from Lafayette’s running game. Holden gave his coach staff all the credit for endless hours of work and preparation.

“I can’t say enough about this coach staff,” Holden said. “For three weeks in a row, this defense is prepared like any other defense I’ve coached so far, they’re playing awesome football. Our coaching staff is doing a great job.”

Emotions are high

The post-match celebration of Como was more emotional than the Sparta celebration had been around for quite some time. Holden first acknowledged God’s achievements, but also acknowledged the players’ achievements by participating in what he felt was special.

“God has blessed us, and the children are in favor,” Holden said. “Change is not easy. These kids are doing difficult things, even for many adults. It’s about changing the way we see the world and the way things go. They abandon the old way and adopt the new way. But it’s not always easy. They’re growing exponentially, and that’s what I’m very proud of. “

Comeaux pulls off huge district win over Lafayette High | High Schools Source link Comeaux pulls off huge district win over Lafayette High | High Schools

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