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Comedian owes $27,000 to Lafayette government attorneys for fake antifa events | Courts – New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans, Louisiana 2022-05-11 18:15:00 –

A comedian sued by the Lafayette Integrated Government in a fake Antifa case in 2020 will have to pay local governments more than $ 27,000 in attorneys’ fees.

After hearing the proceedings and evidence from last month’s proceedings, Judge Thomas Frederick of the 15th Jurisdiction ordered comedian John Merifield to pay $ 27,130 for LCG attorneys’ fees on Monday. The judge also ordered Merrifield to pay all legal costs in the proceedings.

Merrifield from Lafayette, who now lives in New York City, and his lawyer Andrew Visor consistently call the proceeding frivolous and retaliatory.

“As a form of satire and political commentary, Merifield created two clearly ridiculous Facebook events subject to the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution,” Bizer went on strike in a special motion in 2020. wrote. “Each description of a fake event was written in a satirical and hyperbolic way.”

“ANTIFA Cakes River Ranch” was the first satirical event that Merrifield posted on the Facebook page “cajUUUnMemes” on July 4, 2020. The second was “ANTIFA TakeAcadiana Mall” posted on August 26, 2020. There are no events. Police were in both locations on the day of the fake event, due to the possible appearance of LCG proceedings, armed rebels, or anti-fascist-inspired instigators.

Antifa, an abbreviation for anti-fascist, is a comprehensive description of a radical group on the far left that resists neo-Nazis and white supremacists.

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Prior to the date of the event, local news media reported the event on Facebook — “Weapons are optional. You need your feet.” — It was a fake. President Lafayette, President Josh Guillory, admitted that the Antifa case was unrealistic at the time, but later announced his intention to file a proceeding against Merrifield.

Guillory said in August 2020 that law enforcement agencies were suing Merrifield for a “hoax” that would cost taxpayers a significant amount as they investigated and responded to each. The LCG proceedings filed on August 31, 2020 require Merrifield to seek an unspecified amount of damages for less than $ 75,000.

Bizer sought to dismiss the proceedings early because LCG used criminal law in civil proceedings. Bizer’s special strike motion was dismissed by the 15th JDC, the Third Circuit Court of Appeals, and the Louisiana Supreme Court.

LCG representatives James Gibson and Michael Adly said in a memo on April 7 in support of the attorney’s fees allegations that “a special motion bet on a strike is undoubtedly high.” “The winning party is entitled to all reasonable attorneys’ fees incurred. In the case of LCG, the loss not only means that the LCG proceedings have been dismissed, but LCG also pays Merrifield’s attorneys’ fees. For Merrifield, the loss means that the proceedings will continue and he will have to pay the LCG’s attorney’s fees. Merrifield will bet these bets when he submits the Special Motion to Strike. Well aware of the consequences of money and losses, but Merifield was confident in his victory, perhaps because both Merifield and his lawyers were more snarling and personal attacks than the law. That’s why I depended on it. “

LCG initially asked Merrifield to pay a $ 33,047 attorney’s fee. At a hearing last month, the judge asked the LCG lawyer to submit a detailed invoice to Bizer to confirm that the amount was reasonable.

Comedian owes $27,000 to Lafayette government attorneys for fake antifa events | Courts Source link Comedian owes $27,000 to Lafayette government attorneys for fake antifa events | Courts

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