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Comme des Garcons Homme Plus: Ray says it with flowers

Rei Kawakubo She said it with flowers when she linked with Rocky Mountain collage artist Bedelgeuse at the Comme des Garcons Homme Plus latest collection, the Spring / Summer 2022 show.

Kawakubo’s collage couture, which always works, incorporates menswear. Like an Eisenhower jacket or an officer’s blazer, half of the chest was cut off, the back was finished with pieces of flower tentacles, and the back was sewn with pieces of cloth.

Her tailoring was rarely good, whether it was a lieutenant khaki safari jacket with scalloped trim or a cloth jerkin with buttons actually visible on the sleeves. Inflated and tired shorts, wearing floral bloomers and some restoration rogue flocks of Kawakubo’s fetish luxury punk tartan, could spin a big head. The ideal rock god gear for the collection titled The Existence of Flowers.

“Flowers exist not only in happy times, but also in painful, sad and painful times. Even small roadside flowers can heal our shredded hearts,” the designer said in a release. I expressed it.

But the coolest moment of the show was a collaboration with 31-year-old artist Bedelgeuse, also known as Travis Bedel, based in Phoenix, Arizona. His anatomical collage has a fantastic punch that looks like Comme des Garcons. It mixes crystal, flower and feather elements with the oversized images found on elongated sweatshirts and knee-length shirts. Some are trimmed with faux fur.

Comme des Garcons Homme Plus Spring / Summer 2022-DR

“Most of my work represents love, loss, and letting go,” said Bedergeus, his collage created to express the human psyche and its fleeting beauty.

He also wears a hat on the remarkable headgear by the talented artist Ibrahim Kamala. A papier-mâché sculpture that grabs the cast’s skull with a club stuck in its head. Moody mutant madness mode.

In a video shot in Japan, everything was presented in a studio with 20 plastic chairs and no audience. Talk about maximal statements in a minimalist setting.

The fact is clearly filmed in an undecorated studio with no spectators, even 10 time zones away. This summer, the collection is packed with more ideas than any real menswear designer.

The 78-year-old Rei Kawakubo cannot be suppressed.

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Comme des Garcons Homme Plus: Ray says it with flowers

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