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Christopher Becker

“”Smokin Joe, ”Biography of the late heavyweight boxing champion and three-time Muhammad Ali Joe Frazier, Recently reviewed By Gordon Marion The Wall Street Journal.. Among the notable details is the fact that five different women gave birth to Frazier’s 11 children.

This outbreak is not uncommon among celebrities. Muhammad Ali, actor and director Clint Eastwood, and comedian Eddie Murphy are just a few of them having children with multiple women. Politicians have also been a prey to this problem, with four children at Greg Blockhouse, a candidate for Mayor of San Antonio. With 4 mothers – One of the latest examples.

The ideal arrangement for children is that they live with both biological parents 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When two accept their parental obligations, no one else has the same vested interests in the health, well-being, and success of their child.

But life happens.

Some spouses commit unforgivable betrayal. Domestic violence can emerge. Conflicts in the principles of nonviolence can also make continuous cohabitation impossible. Relationships can collapse over time and marriage is not exempt.

Nevertheless, parental division does not exempt us from the responsibilities we owe our children to.

If only one father and one mother are involved, spending enough fulfilling time with each child is a sufficient challenge.Logistics trying to pull it off Multiple parents It’s hard to understand. Unfortunately, one parent usually has primary custody and the other parent pays child support.

Children are usually worried about these arrangements One-fourth to one-third of their time With parents who do not have custody. In 2016, mother Occupied 80 percent The number of parents with custody, according to a US census report.

Mothers may be great, but children need a father around them.

Mom feels softer than usual, but dad is tougher than usual. Dad behaves like a goof while mom teaches etiquette. When the mom advises the child to “be careful” to climb the tree house, the dad says “do your best!”.

And it only gets more serious over time.

The father can warn his son about the enthusiastic effects. He can convey to him the importance of treating girls with respect, primarily by how he treats his mother. Daughters can take the same lessons, but more directly through the night of their dad’s date by opening doors, pulling out chairs, and doing other chivalry acts. You can receive it.

It’s no wonder what happens when you don’t have a dad.It’s well documented Academic performance It’s low Drugs and alcohol Use Criminal activity It is high.Undoubtedly, the worst symptom of the latter is Direct link During the shootings and the absence of a father.

These issues underscore the need for moms and dads to set aside the rest of their hurtful emotions and promise to be more equally involved in their children’s lives.

Fortunately, the flow is starting to turn around.

Other states Trying to Reform of storage law To force judges to deal with each case from an equivalent parenting standpoint.Some celebrities Exposed the wounds of their fatherless childhood In public efforts to break the cycle, including legendary metal band Metallica frontman James Hetfield.

This does not mean that the child is absolutely destined for the absence of one parent. The opposite is true, as is the case with children who have persevered in the presence of bad parents.

Anyway, when a child becomes pregnant, parents need to accept that their demands for time have changed. Children need time with both mom and dad.

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Christopher E. Baecker manages fixed assets at Pioneer Energy Services and is a part-time lecturer in economics at Northwest Vista College in San Antonio.

Commentary: As Great as a Mom May Be, Kids Still Need Their Dads Source link Commentary: As Great as a Mom May Be, Kids Still Need Their Dads

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