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Atlanta, Georgia 2021-07-16 12:30:37 –

An African-American man in a hoodie has a black-faced mask labeled We Need A Change. The concept of anti-racism.

Now that Black Lives Matter is part of the country’s social infrastructure, I like many other blacks and whites – was this a long-standing movement or a kneeling reaction to the killing of teens? I can think of Trayvon Martin.. Was it a cry of battle that followed the aftermath of a single tragic and unjust event, or did it take root and spawn a movement?

On the 8th anniversary of Black Lives Matter Moving, I can say with complete confidence that it is the latter.

At the dawn of BLM Alicia GarzaA co-founder of the Black Lives Matter movement, she explained the problem and the heart of the movement in a Facebook post titled “Love Letters to Blacks.”

“# Dear White, stop hiding your racial indifference behind an anonymous veil,” Garza wrote. When I read it, I knew that BLM was more than a catchphrase or a call for action, and that things would disappear when things settled down.

Things never settled down. Black killings did not stop, black rights were distorted and continued to be ignored. The BLM continued to be fueled by a judicial system that refused to admit these atrocities and insisted on reducing or even addressing the urgency of racial problems trying to endure revenge.

And that happened.We witnessed the murder George Floyd, Close and personal, there was no doubt about the direction that BLM supporters should take. It will have to be a continuous and sustainable action that promises not only to raise awareness of racial injustice, but also to bring about those injustices.

Eventually, whites and other ethnic groups forced a cry of justice as if it were a catchy slogan.

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Undoubtedly, all life is important, but they missed the point of the letter of BLM co-founder Alicia Garza, who pointed out that indifference is at the heart of the matter. [their] Lack of understanding of our struggle as a race does not guarantee our ability to make decisions about our reaction to adversity. [they] You will never face it. The majority were unaware that they downplayed the tragedy with unnecessary declarations of “white life is important,” “blue life is important,” or all “all lives are important.” There were no actions or events that took place in their lives or communities that caused the declaration of basic truth.

And to learn through reading, research, and conversations with blacks how the dismissal of racial mistakes and the ignorance of black experience ignited the turmoil of the country and the reaction that led to global shame. There was a surge of sympathetic whites in a hurry.

Therefore, in the end Some Confederate monuments have been removed, Several anti-racist laws have been adopted and several police officers have been tried for their vicious violations.

But that rarely alleviates the fact that blacks continue to be exposed daily to worse than the hatred we have experienced since then. 1619 – Adding salt to the wound is intentional indifference.

BLM is more than a product of hatred and hatred for one race and another, protects blacks from systematic racism, and makes racially hostile and hostile government indiscriminate. It is a legitimate and legal movement to confront. This is the next level of self-defense model, which may or may not be prominent in the civil rights movement, but far beyond the foreseeable future into the lives of Americans, especially black Americans. Will have an impact. The life of every black man is important, which is a wonderfully simple fact.

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Hiram Jackson CEO and publisher of RealTimes Media, including the Michigan Chronicle., Word In Black Collaborative Partner.

COMMENTARY: Black Lives Matter: A Self-Evident Truth Source link COMMENTARY: Black Lives Matter: A Self-Evident Truth

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