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James Bobard

Fox News Hosts Tucker Carlson Accusation by National Security Agency Spy him illegally And he leaks his email, infuriating prominent liberals.Carlson said, “To distrust [of the NSA], It’s very anti-American. ” Andrew Weissmann, MSNBC Analyst, Former Special Advisor Robert Mueller’s Chief Prosecutor. Oliver Darcy, senior correspondent on CNN, effectively ridiculed Carlson Insist “I’m not a crazy person who exaggerates the case!”

When did NSA become as pure as Snow White? Do experts assume there is a 24-hour statute of limitations to recall previously disclosed NSA crimes and abuses?

Carlson’s controversy is incomprehensible outside the context of long-standing NSA abuse. NSA owns “a repository that captures 20 billion” recording events “every day and makes them available to NSA analysts within 60 minutes.” report.. The NSA can steal and store orders of magnitude more information than the Stasi secret police in East Germany, one of the most disgusting institutions after the war.

As part of that, the FBI is allowed to scrutinize seized data under strict restrictions. 2018 Foreign Intelligence Surveillance (FISA) Court Blame the FBI For misusing the database in an unjustified search that violated the rights of Americans. After the FBI promised to repent, the FISA court allowed FBI agents to continue investigating the NSA herd. In April, the FISA court revealed that the wave of FBI surveillance crimes continued.

Conducted by the FBI Injustice search Breakdown of data groups for “domestic terrorism,” “public corruption and bribery,” “medical fraud,” and other targets, including those who have notified the FBI of crimes and even repairers who enter the FBI office.If you Attempted to report a crime For the FBI, an FBI agent may have illegally monitored your email. Even volunteering for the FBI’s “Citizens Academy” program may cause the FBI to illegally track all online activities.

In 2019, the FBI unfairly searched the database for information on 16,000 people, “although only seven people were involved in the survey.” The New York Times reported.. Judge James Bosburg of the FISA Court lamented a “clear widespread breach” of the legal regulation of the FBI investigation. But shrugged them He allowed us to continue scrutinizing the personal data of Americans.

On June 30, Americans learned that one of NSA’s most intrusive surveillance engines was still being widely abused. In 2013, Edward Snowden revealed: That XKeyscore The program was used to direct email and internet data for Americans who were arrested as “searching for suspicious things on the web.” With XKeyscore, NSA analysts can eavesdrop by simply entering the target email address into the database. Six months after Snowden’s disclosure began, federal judge Richard Leon ruled that the NSA’s surveillance system was condemned as follows: Almost Orwell: “Imagine an indiscriminate and arbitrary intrusion rather than this systematic and high-tech collection and retention for the purpose of querying and analyzing the personal data of virtually all citizens without prior judicial approval. you can not.”

Travis LeBlanc, a member of the Privacy and Civil Freedom Oversight Committee, has released a declassified appeal against the Civil Freedom Oversight Committee, a recent report on XKeyscore. It seems that hundreds of illegal or banned searches were done using XKeyscore in 2019. LeBlanc complained that the supervisory board “did not ask for the number of Americans.” Affected The amount of data that XKeyscore collects and analyzes, and the extent to which the information analyzed through XKeyscore is shared. “

However, the supervisory board did not even “request specific information” about the NSA’s violation of US law.

Americans probably haven’t even seen the tip of the iceberg of NSA abuse. The NSA never even careed about conducting a formal analysis of XKeyscore’s legality or constitutionality until 2016 after the Supervisory Board specifically requested such information. LeBlanc I told The Washington Post: “I think my biggest concern is that there is a very strong surveillance program that has not been overseen by the judiciary about eight years after exposure, with inadequate legal analysis and serious non-compliance. That is. “

Oregon Democratic Senator Ron Wyden, Federal Spy’s Most Stubborn Parliamentary Guard Dog Declaration “Americans still know very little about government surveillance … and how it threatens their privacy.” Weiden, a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, has been quarreled for disclosing confidential stains on the NSA.

The NSA is like a accused murderer who is constantly proclaiming his innocence until the moment his video triggers. After Carlson stated that his email was being intercepted NSA issued a statement “Tucker Carlson has never been the target of National Security Agency intelligence … with a few exceptions (such as emergencies), the NSA is a U.S. citizen without a court order to explicitly approve the target. Cannot be targeted. “

However, 90% of people whose emails and other data were dragged into the NSA Surveillance Drugnet Not the actual goal of NSAAccording to a 2014 Washington Post analysis based on data provided by Snowden.Shortly before Snowden’s disclosure began, the Director of National Intelligence James Clapper lied to Congress When he denied that the NSA would collect “all sorts of data about millions, or even hundreds of millions of Americans.” He was not charged with the crime, thereby facilitating falsehoods by top executives of all subsequent federal intelligence agencies.

On July 7, Axios reported: Interview settings Immediately with Vladimir Putin before he accused NSA of spying on him. ” US government officials have noticed Carlson’s efforts to interview Putin. Axios said, “One of the people who was talking as an intermediary to help Carlson get an interview with Putin [NSA] Surveillance as a foreign agent. However, the NSA is prohibited from disclosing emails from US citizens even after “covering” the identities of US citizens. Journalist Glenn Greenwald said: Serious crime In the United States Code for the NSA to divulge communications intercepted between foreign officials and American citizens. “

In an interview (daily mail preview) scheduled for release on Monday, Carlson said in his NSA accusation, “Defensively … I don’t have subpoena authority. No one can be arrested. I. Can’t make them I’ll answer the question. “Carlson’s show research producer submitted a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to the NSA,” requesting a call log, text, or email. NSA acquired Information such as “from journalist Tucker Carlson’s mobile phone or email.”

Unfortunately, FOIA has been a fake for a long time.Obama White House I nailed the FOIA casket By inventing the “White House Stock” doctrine, it allows political appointees to delay embarrassing disclosures for years (rather than the 20 business days required by law).Obama’s Ministry of Justice Formally proposed To allow federal agencies to falsely claim that the document requested by the FOIA does not exist. In such a tragedy, the media said Obama’s ” The most transparent administration in history.. “

The power and privileges of the NSA have been underpinned by a significant increase in federal secrets over the last few decades. Since the 1990s, the number of documents classified annually by the federal government has increased more than 10-fold.Federal agencies are now Create trillions of pages Each year there is a new secret, and each page is backed by a federal fist waiting to smash those who make unauthorized disclosures. Congress and the media have helped tolerate the Iron Curtain covering too much federal abuse.

But Carlson isn’t afraid of anything, as the NSA is constrained by checks and balances elsewhere in the government, right? Fat chance. The pretense that the Deep State watchdog was on a legitimate chain should have been destroyed by the Russia Gate.

In December 2019, the Inspector General of the Ministry of Justice FBI He made a “fundamental mistake” and persistently deceived the FISA court to approve the surveillance of Carter Page, an official of the 2016 Donald Trump presidential campaign. Kevin Kleinesmith, a former FBI assistant general counselor, admitted that he had tampered with important evidence to secure a FISA warrant to spy on the Trump campaign.

As the Wall Street Journal Note the editorial, Clinesmith, “changed the email confirming that the page was a CIA source to one with the exact opposite information and explicitly added the word” not the source “before forwarding. A federal prosecutor has declared that “the resulting harm is immeasurable” from Clinesmith’s actions.However, at the hearing of the decision, Judge Bosburg Erupted with sympathy: “Mr. Clinesmith lost his job in a government position — which gave much of that meaning to his life.” Boasberg despised the federal prosecutor’s prison recommendations and gave Kleinesmith his wrist. I hit it. 400 hours of community service and 12 months of probation.

The FISA court pretended that there would be no federal surveillance breach, and then Pretend that such crimes are not a problem.. In fact, the only remaining task is for the FISA court to stop pretending that Americans have a constitutional right to privacy.

Tucker Carlson may or may not be at the NSA crosshairs at this time, but there are many other Americans who should be sweating.Parliamentary Police Play Chief Yogananda Pittman Said Congress says the January 6 riot was a “terrorist attack by tens of thousands of rebels.” Do federal law enforcement agencies believe that Trump supporters within a mile radius of the US Capitol that day were terrorists?

Supported by President Joe Biden’s candidate David Chipman, who heads the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives Ban more than 10 people One million AR-15 rifles owned by American citizens.The Biden administration claims the right to know if every American has Vaccinated with Covid Then visit the agent door-to-door to the unjabbed Harang people. Given the Biden administration’s historic rhetoric on “domestic terrorism,” guns, and COVID-19, only minor adjustments to the NSA search can raise a huge swarm of potential new criminals. You can do it.

Glenn Greenwald recently said, “Democrats and journalism are generally Working with the CIA, NSA and FBI, and security status consistent and integrated. But there were times when Democrats were eloquent defenders of the federal invasion.

Hale Boggs, the leader of the Democratic House of Representatives in Louisiana, explained in 1971: “Freedom of speech, freedom of thought, and freedom of action for men in public life Fear of surveillance As due to the facts of surveillance. “

North Carolina Democratic Senator Sam Ervin Observed That same year, “we are no longer a free society when people are afraid of surveillance and free to speak to the government or anyone else, with or without surveillance.” Judge Robert Jackson, FDR’s Justice Secretary and US Supreme Prosecutor at the Nuremberg War Crimes Trial decades ago, said: Declaration, “Rights of search and seizure … belong to the catalog of essential freedoms. In the deprivation of rights, it is so effective in beating the population, crushing the individual spirit and scaring all minds. There is nothing. “

Americans cannot agree to illegal government surveillance without losing their right to the tattered remnants of their privacy. The federal government needs to clean up surveillance and leaks that may have targeted Tucker Carlson or otherwise infringed his rights. The Carlson case is a wake-up call to Congress and the public concerned to thwart a new war against the opposition.

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James Bovard is a reporter for the Daily Caller News Foundation.
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