Commercializing Ella and the Super Bowl was “magic”

Cute combo! John Travolta Had a great time with my 21 year old daughter Ella Their February Super Bowl Commercial..

“It was magic. No one in the world wants to dance with her daughter Ella,” said the 67-year-old actor. Esquire Mexico In an interview published on Wednesday, April 21st. First, as a unique entertainment moment that people loved to see. Second, I was able to introduce my daughter to the world on a huge stage and show off her talent and beauty. “

In the Scotts & Miracle Gros ad, a father-daughter pair recreates what’s famous. Grease The first dance he performed Olivia Newton John Set to “Sunday Best” on your Surface.The commercial also featured a cameo from Martha Stewart, Leslie David Baker And Kyle Busch..

John Travolta and Ella Travolta YouTube

The· pulp Fiction The star sees dance as a “beautiful tribute” to his deceased wife Kelly preston, WHO Died in July 2020 After fighting breast cancer.

“Ella and I dance a lot,” a person from New Jersey, who is also the father of his son Benjamin, 10, explained in a magazine. “It was really important to us. We … did a TikTok challenge and asked people to recreate the dance, but it was spread by word of mouth. The brand asked us to do it together. Thank you very much.”

In August 2020, Emmy nominees shared an Instagram video of themselves and Ella dancing “in memory” of their mother. “It’s one of Kelly’s favorites to dance with me,” Travolta captioned the sweet footage.

John Travolta says it was magical to work with his daughter Ella in a Super Bowl commercial
Ella Travolta and John Travolta Courtesy of Era Travolta / Instagram

Golden Globe Award winners also looked back on another Wednesday dance. Princess Diana At a 1985 White House dinner hosted by then-President Ronald Reagan.

“I didn’t think they would ask me to dance with her,” Travolta recalled. “I had great privilege and honor in doing so, and I thought,” There must be a reason to do this, and I should do my best to it. ” That meant leading the dance well and making sure we enjoyed it. It was easy, but the fact that I greeted Diana properly and asked her to dance with confidence was the only complicated task. “

He likened the experience to “fairy tales” and “dreams,” and “who could have imagined that one day? I would imprint it as a very special and magical moment. Was smart enough. “

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Commercializing Ella and the Super Bowl was “magic”

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