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Commissioners approve spending on new, separate Sheriff’s website – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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Oklahoma City (Free press) — The Oklahoma County Commission (BoCC) held a special meeting Thursday morning to approve spending on the sheriff’s office to create its own new website separate from the county’s website. ..

There were also some unknowns about how to replace the retiring planning director Tyler Gammons, who had been in that position for many years.

Marty Peercy reports local government

Sheriff’s website

At the last BoCC meeting on Monday Free press reported Its Sheriff Tommy Johnson, III, requested the Board to approve two items related to the creation of a new website representing the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office (OCSO).

At a meeting on Monday, sheriffs said they believed it appropriate to have a separate website for his office maintained by his office while OCSO was displayed on the county’s website. I did. In a discussion on Monday, Johnson said the county’s IT department, MIS, would not create or maintain this website, but would be completely separated.

On Thursday, sheriffs further explained that having their own website would allow them to push out information in real time. For example, in the event of an emergency or man hunt, a website can provide the general public with the latest information and warnings.

Sheriff Tommy Johnson during the BoCC meeting in November 2021. (Bret Dickerson / Okra City Free Press)

Johnson wasn’t sure if rapid updates would cost more to marketing companies in the future due to sudden changes in the website.

Johnson said residents could continue to use the website to search for warrants and more.

The Commissioner has swiftly approved spending of no more than $ 20,160 on Brooks Jeffrey Marketing to build a responsive website.

The second item related to the website was to ask the same company for $ 4,136.45 for “website hosting, CMS subscriptions, and secure certificates.”

Johnson mysteriously said that the website is hosted through the county’s servers, in contrast to Monday’s comment, which asks for the website to be hosted.

A MIS representative said he was unaware that the server was hosting the website.

The commissioner then unanimously voted to approve spending on another website hosting.

Planning director

County Planning Director Tyler Gammon recently announced that he will retire in late June.

On Thursday, there was an item from the Human Resources Department styled this way:

“Discussion and possible actions regarding the status of planner and reporting of status to county engineers.”

The argument was mainly based on the fact that gammon has been in the county for a long time. No one knows who will hire the position and who will report it to.

District 1 Chief Deputy Joe Bluff explained that applicable legislation needs to be considered to understand how to move forward. The district attorney’s office needs to consider for clarity.

Bluff said reading the legislation did not appear to be a “supervisory” position for the planning director, as the county engineers were to enforce the planning directives. He added that the planning committee could appoint a new director.

Bluff said he had been in the county for 17 years and Gammon was there long before he was there.

There is no clear answer to the process yet, but the item has been postponed to June 6th.

The next BoCC meeting is scheduled for June 6th at 9am.

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Commissioners approve spending on new, separate Sheriff’s website Source link Commissioners approve spending on new, separate Sheriff’s website

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