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Nashville, TN (WTVF) —Two Metro Nashville Commissions working to investigate what happened before and after the Christmas bombing provide up-to-date information on progress to date.

I don’t hear much about what I said at the after-action review meeting, but I found that the panel interviewed two major witnesses.

Jennifer Gamble, a member of the Metronashville City Council, said she had joined a five-member panel and interviewed Anthony Warner’s then-girlfriend who called police in 2019.

She told police in August of that year that Warner, a suspected bomber, was “making a bomb on the RV trailer in his residence.”

The panel also interviewed Warner’s lawyer Ray Slock Morton, who told police on the same day that Warner “speaks frequently with the military about bomb making.” Srock Morton will continue to say that Warner “knows what he is doing and can make a bomb.”

Gambling says the hearing from these two made a difference, but she doesn’t share what she said. She says it is a priority to find out if police need to consider changing policies, knowing that Warner is on radar but not detained.

“What happened? What worked, and what worked better,” gambling says is a question that executives need to answer this Friday. Some of the police officers who responded to Warner’s house in 2019 will be interviewed by the panel.

The panel contains:

  • Deputy Chief Dwayne Green
  • Lawyer / Chief of Professional Standards Kathy Morante
  • Nashville Attorney and Former US Attorney Ed Yarbro in Central Tennessee
  • Jill Fitchard, Secretary-General of the Community Oversight Committee
  • Metro Council Member and Public Safety Commission Chair Jennifer Gamble

“The work has just begun. It’s not finished and I don’t think it’s nearing completion,” he said.

While after-action reviews are very focused on pre-bomb events, Metro’s Special Blast Review Committee is also looking at everything else affected by the blast.

The committee, which is currently electing members, has one year to investigate all aspects of the bombing. Metro councilor Freddie O’Connell said we should expect to see hearings and audits from different departments as needed while the group is in its infancy. He also plans to interview police officers involved in dealing with Warner’s house.

“There are still many questions about the chain of command when the suspect was first contacted by the police in 2019,” O’Connell said.

The shockwave from the blast was felt the day after telecommunications struggled, the flight was grounded, and the dispatch was interrupted. O’Connell says all of this needs to be investigated.

Committees offer update on investigating the Nashville Christmas Day bombing Source link Committees offer update on investigating the Nashville Christmas Day bombing

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